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Gyrusens+ [v1.8.6]

Alien reptile race from distant lands, and more! (No longer requires Airless Dungeons!)

  1. Soft patches!

    Hey guys! Still-not-dead-G.Xyon here.

    Tonight's patch is rather small and takes a further step into the Steam Pre-Release preparations:

    + Fixed Missing Tech Suit image: Fixed the lack of image when the character previews techs. It should hopefully appear now.

    + Fixed conversation lines for species: Turns out the patch had a small error in the paths, this has been fixed and the species should now react to a gyrusen's prescense.

    + Balanced Ouron Coin sell price: Balanced the Ouron Coin...
  2. The longest-taking hotfix in this side of the multiverse!

    Now with 100% more procrastination!

    In all seriousness though, sorry for the super-long delay! This patch should fix up the whole "not-being-able-to-use-a-gyrusen" issue. Seems like one of the Starbound updates moved some things around and caused the issue.

    That being said, the patch is somewhat untested: I have verified that the fix DOES work (aka you're able to select and use your gyrusen player, both old and new), however I don't know what other adverse effects this may have on the...
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  3. Swift Sweeping!

    A pair of patches to polish those... uh... I'm bad with alliterations. Anyway, patches incoming!

    +/- Bumped up the defense of early tier of armors, so the player can withstand a couple more hits from baddies earlier on.

    + Made jyin monsters capturable! Now you too can have your very own jyin pets!

    Any issues, hit me up in the discussion forum!

    Have a good one!
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  4. Patch Batch!

    Small fixes for medium issues, with a large soda.

    +/- Fixed "compound" using items: Replaced all the compound items (imprevium, rubium, cerulium) with their appropriate still-in-the-game ores. I've bumped up the value of the higher-tier compound-using items to simulate progression.

    +/- Fixed GSF Database Recipe location: Due to how the 3D Pixel Printer works, I've decided to relocate the GSF Database recipe: it can now be found in the Tier 3 Inventor's table. The price has been bumped up...
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  5. Small Patch #3

    Fixed up the bookcases from crashing. Small bits of the old mod format might still linger around the code, so let me know if anything else plays weird!
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  6. Small patch #2

    Fixed the Hexing Tear impeding new player progression. If you've made a new character, then you might need to delete the planet your character is on through the universe folder, or alternatively go into admin mode and scroll to a random direction far enough to generate a new patch of universe with the new configurations.

    Sorry about that!
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  7. Small patch

    Fixed certain starting items not appearing on vanilla crafting tables, such as the starter equipment, starter ouron crafting items and recipes, gyusen crafting tables, and the GSF Patch to start the gyrusen questline.

    That'll be all for now!
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  8. Seal-The-Deal Update: 1.0 port, Pre-Steam patches, Progression Overhaul, and other announcements!

    Eiloh, guys!

    It's been a couple of months since we've had a Gyrusens+ update, so I figured that... well, it's about time I worked on one!

    The 1.7.5 "Seal-The-Deal" update focuses on many aspects! Porting items to 1.0, pre-steam patches to get ready for the Steam Workshop release of the mod, a progression and quest overhaul, among other announcements which will be explained thoroughly.

    1.0 Port: So, to start with, this update adresses the issue of porting the mod's assets to 1.0 standards;...
  9. Meaningless Hotfix

    Apologies, I found some issue with the dungeon_worlds.config file and fixed these properly.

    This patch ONLY applies to those whom want to visit the Gyr City or have access to the Jyinku Mission; otherwise, this patch doesn't affect you much.

    Have a good one!
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  10. A small patch a couple of announcements!

    Hey guys! Coming with a small patch and a couple of small, but important announcements.

    +/- Fixed a crash on the Ouron HoverBike whenever it entered its 4th (destroyed) state.

    !!! The Gyrusens+ mods will now require [Airless Dungeons] to run! This mod opens the moons for dungeons without having to override other mods that want in on that moon. If...
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