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Gyrusens+ [v1.8.6]

Alien reptile race from distant lands, and more! (No longer requires Airless Dungeons!)

  1. Forgot the link.

    Gg, g.
  2. Biiiiiiiiig update!

    Alright! It's been a hard, rocky run, but most of the heavy stuff is out of the way!

    First thing's first:

    New block: Ouron Panel
    You can make 3 very sturdy panels made from 1 Ouron Bar. It comes in Dark Blue (default) and Dark Green (Darkened).

    New Door: Ouron Blastdoor
    Made with Ouron Bars, comes in the same color style as the panels.

    Finally! The armor selection offers from Copper tier to Durasteel as a straight follow up series, later halting at an "aura"...
  3. Things to expect in the next update

    So me and my partner are working fairly hard for this next update; no, we're not dead!

    It finally includes armors! The whole kebab; chest, legs, and helmet, from Tier 1 to Tier 11! Blocks may or may not come, this depends if I have enough energy to make them after I've finished the armor and costume sets.

    Weapons will take a longer while to draft out, but they're top in the priority list right after Armors.

    Back accessories are planned, but halted due to priority issues.

    NPC text...
  4. OH GOD

    THEY'RE MULTIPLYING!!!!!!1!1!1one1!

    You saw right! NPCs! VIllages, Guards, Chefs, Doctors, and others now available through the Synthesizer table!

    Once I've done most of the... bigger details within the mod, I'll work on customizing their shops and expanding their speech.

    *NOTE*: Spawners are within the Tier 3 Category, so you might need to relearn "Starship Upgrade Mk3" if you have done so already. Sorry!
  5. Updates!

    > Fixed some minor sprite issues with clipping near the head.

    > Colors were modified to add both a slightly less bright pallete and a much more dulled out one.

    > Added a full set of Broadswords (from starter to Tier 11), new crafting recipes, and new items, only available through the Synthesizer stations.

    This update might require you to relearn tiers if you have already gone through them.

  6. Tweaks

    More "Hairstyles" have been added, and colors have been tweaked to make them less blinding.

    You don't need to update if neither of these are an issue for you. Hopefully next update will have content to redownload for!
  7. Sorry!

    Download link seems to be having problems (as with the modpack). Please use the link provided in the Oveview for the lastest release of this mod.
  8. Updaaaaaaaaaate!

    Brushing up on some things!

    First and foremost: new metal bar!
    With this new metal alloy, you can create race specific armor and weapons. So far, unfrotunately, I've only done the broadswords up to tier 2. Sooner or later I'll finish them all!

    Second on the list, if you didn't read the preview update:

    Custom crafting tables, anvil, and furnace! Here's the breakdown.

    > Gyrusenic Synthesizing Table: This will unlock...
  9. Sneak peak!

    Custom Tables ftw.

    Weapons, Armor, and Blocks are next on the list! Will throw an update soon!
  10. Whoops!

    Reuploaded the correct version, seeing as I might have uploaded a broken version of the mod here, but not in the modpack.

    Sorry about that, if any other errors occur please let me know!

    Thanks and enjoy!