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Gyrusens+ [v1.8.6]

Alien reptile race from distant lands, and more! (No longer requires Airless Dungeons!)

  1. Dungeons & Dimensions (Update v1.8.3]

    Eiloh fellow stargoers! A little bit of content and behind the scenes update coming your way tonight!

    The update tonight includes the following:

    +New blocks: A handful of new blocks have made their way into the mod! Some will be out of reach as they will be used in future updates, but a couple of them are readily available!
    • Gyrusenic Barrier Block: A block made of solidified gyrusenic energy. The block behaves much like glass, but has the intricate property that, when colored, the energy inside will take on different shapes! Color it an experiment! Can be crafted at the Gyrusenic Table.
    • Ouron Platform (Normal/Dark): A simple platform made with ouron. Comes in normal ouron and darkened ouron. Can be crafted at the Gyrusenic Table.
    • Jyin Stone: A block of stone has that been handled by the jyin virus. Who knows where it's been? Can be naturally found in newly-generated Jyinku biomes.
    • ???: A series of blocks have been introduced into the game but have not been appropriately implemented. They will be used (and maybe obtainable) in future updates!
    +Gyrusenic Fridge: The GSF has added a new recipe to their databank; fridges are now available for crafting! They work as you'd expect from a normal fridge. Can be learned when picking up a Synth Panel.

    +Hexing Tear Cooler: Similar to the fridge, but quite smaller and specially designed for the Hexing Tear. Currently unobtainable unless spawned. The recipe will eventually find its way into the game!

    +/- Changed all recipes that used glass blocks to the glass material instead.

    +/- Fixed a pair of issues with the Random Dimension Teleporter + Links: Those with a good computer could exploit the portal by loading into the outgoing instance before 5-seconds would give; this would disallow the auto-destruction script from finishing it and would allow the player to reuse the portal once more. This has since been fixed; the destruction timer has now been lowered to 3 seconds, from 5 seconds.

    +/- Tweaked some 'special' weapons: their performance should be a little bit less cumbersome.

    +/- Spruced up some issues the ship was having: a missing thruster-flame in one of the tiers, and several blocks being where they should not be. This does NOT change anything regarding to the ship's size, only aesthetics.

    +/- Behinds the scenes tweaking: making preparations for other updates!

    That's it for tonight! Have fun, and have a good one!
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