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Gyrusens+ [v1.8.6]

Alien reptile race from distant lands, and more! (No longer requires Airless Dungeons!)

  1. Generic Update Title

    Hey guys! Sorry I've been away for so long, things have been getting pretty busy, and looks like I have some work cut out for me as well with all these updates.

    Right now I started working on the main crashing issues, specifically caused by the old quest format which have been dealt with fairly quickly!

    While the mod still needs some polishing due to some of these new changes, the mod remains fairly playable, if anything slightly underpowered compared to what I have tested with.

    Right now, this is my to-do list:

    +/- Fix Rowki Pet: So far the pet has been acting fairly weird, not moving and blinking between planes of existence. Will pull him out of his dimensional coma sometime soon.

    +/- Rebalance weapons: Most weapons now feel slightly underpowered at start, so I'll fix that and check out the other ones to see if they're up to par or underpowered. However I might keep some like this due to the fact that broardswords have effects and limited projectiles (spears will get buffed, maybe). Scythes and Daggers will remain as they're technically still very powerful.

    +/- Check ore spawns for background: Now that ores can spawn on the background, I need to verify if my own do spawn there as well, and tinker with the rarity accordingly.

    +/- Check ore spawn altogether: Need to verify if Voidum spawns at all, and if harvestable by any top-tier pickaxes/GSF Drills. If anyone can confirm this, I'd be extremely grateful. <3

    +/- Check dungeon/instance spawn: Need to verify if dungeons will spawn altogether. Same with the ore spawns, if anyone can confirm that they're spawning, I'd be very grateful!

    If anyone else encounters any more bugs, feel free to report it on the discussion board! Sorry for the wait, and a good one!
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