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Gyrusens+ [v1.8.6]

Alien reptile race from distant lands, and more! (No longer requires Airless Dungeons!)

  1. Dresses & Dimensions (Upd. 1.8.6)

    Eiloh guys! Final roundup through the preparatory updates to make way for the upcoming content, as well as some QoL updates!

    Without further ado, here's the list:

    + Added Taiz'une: Taiz'une is a new crafting material sold by the Gyrusen Clothier in the villages and soon-to-be cities. Currently, the item has no real use, but will be given a purpose on the next update!

    + Added a Dark Variant of the Vertical Ouron Door! The recipe can now be obtained once the Ouron Bar is picked up.

    + Several items have been added to the GSF Databank Patch files! Some of these items include:
    • Gyrusenic Fridge (Furniture Category)
    • Ouron Platforms (both normal and dark variants, Metal/Tool/Block Category)
    • Gyrusenic Barrier Block (Metal/Tool/Block Category)
    • Dark Ouron Vertical Door (Furniture Category)

    +/- Fixed wiring points for most, if not all doors. They should now be more in-line with where the door's collision box is.

    +/- Fixed Auromero Bookshelves having the wrong slot amount. They should now have 100 storage slots.

    +/- The Gyrusenic Refrigerator storage space has now been increased to 100 slots, from 64.

    +/- Fixed color options on the Sleeveless Shirt, Baggy pants, Long Shirt, and Socks. Due to this, the White & Black sleeveless Shirts have been removed to make way for one recolorable Sleeveless Shirt (defaults to Black).

    +/- Weapon and Object remodeling: Several weapons and objects have been remodeled, as their aesthetics were a remnant of when the mod was still quite old!
    1. The Synthesized Metal color scheme has been given an update, and with this, much of the objects that are based off of this color scheme have also been given a fresh new coat of paint. Some of these items include:
      • Furniture: Bed, Table, Chair, Door, Light, Bookcase (items can now be placed on the top-left corner!), and Chest.
      • Crafting Tables: Synth Table, Anvil, Rocket Dispenser, Cooking Table, Oven, Voidum Amalgamator, and Hexorb Module Station.
      • New object models: The Hexorb Station and the GSF Databank have been given an entirely new model!
    2. All melee weapons have been either remodeled or given a new coat of paint! The affected items include:
    • Broadswords, Scythes, Hammer, Spears, Shortswords, Shields, Daggers, and Chakrams.
    +/- Gyrusen Mini Rockets have received some heavy tweaking:
    • Tier Progress of the mini-rockets has been reduced to a max of Tier 6, from Tier 10.
    • Added Tier 1 Rocket, which will now be the initial crafting item.
    • Changed crafting recipes:
      • The recipes now use the previous rocket tier for progression gating, rather than build up exclusively through a single rocket tier.
      • Due to progression gating, the output has been doubled (gives 10 instead 5 per craft) and some of the crafting materials have been changed.

    +/- The Literal Infinity Sword has been made extra wacky.

    +/- GSF Bases have been tweaked in order to accommodate some of these updates better.

    +/- Pin-pointed the issue where gyrusen rescue/escort targets appeared naked. This should now be fixed.

    +/- Fixed some typos that have been spotted from time to time. (Thanks @Mr.UNDER !)

    +/- The name generator has been redone and expanded! While not as much as I would like to have, more names will be continued to be added later on!


    + Added several minor decorations to be used and obtained later on.

    + Added in something adorable to be seen later on in the updates.

    That should be it for this update! Next patch should hopefully bring in some actual new content and should be the wrap-up for the 1.8 update sets!

    Thanks for sticking by, and have a good one!
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