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Gyrusens+ [v1.8.6]

Alien reptile race from distant lands, and more! (No longer requires Airless Dungeons!)

  1. Dresses and Dimensions Update! (Part 1 of 378)

    I kid, I kid.

    Eiloh Stargoers! The 1.8 "Dresses and DImensions" Update makes its way through! While this current update won't have much content-based update, it serves as the baseline for what's to come!

    Let's quickly run through the list of what this update has to offer:

    (These updates will directly impact your current Starbound experience.)

    +/- Seeds: they have properly gotten their tags, and now, much like the rest of items, are properly placed in their according bag!

    +/- Voidum Amalgamator: The crafting table has been using erroneous configuration files, rendering it (and voidum ore) useless for the longest time. The issue has been corrected and now Voidum ores can be smelted into bars!

    +/- Gyrusenic Kitchen + Oven: Both items were using either outdated configurations or UI mechanics, and have been updated to be functional once more.

    +/- Chef NPC: Fixed the NPC selling a PGI, as an item was removed. In its stead, it now stells Raw Tentacles. As an added bonus, Gyrusens natively know how to cook Raw Tentacles!

    +Jyinku Sub-Biomes: The jyin virus continues to plague the cosmos, and now ever-so visible as planets can be seen partially infected by the dreaded virus, contaminating and converting the local fauna into their hivemind! (Frackin' Universe compatibility will be added sometime soon!)

    (These updates should in no way impact your current Starbound experience.)

    +/- Removal of Generic Gyrusenic City: The city has now been officially removed, as the placeholder Sectors have now been placed. All 4 sectors are empty however, and will be worked on for a later update.

    +/- Parallaxes for Dimensions: Base biome files have been added to include parallaxes for the main four dimensions, as well as the Gyrusenic Cities and mission-type worlds. Most of these biome files have not been worked on extensively and are disabled, or are using placeholders.

    +/- ??? Dimension: A new dimension has been added, but has not been implemented nor extensively worked on. The bases of the new dimension are in place for future work.

    +/- ???: Two new items have been added, but have not been implemented. While they are fully functional, they will not be available until the new dimension is completed and fully implemented. Both items will serve better in future updates.

    Have a good one!
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