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Gyrusens+ [v1.8.6]

Alien reptile race from distant lands, and more! (No longer requires Airless Dungeons!)

  1. Pretty dungeons, a bit more loot, and finally...

    The Steam Release is finally here!

    Hurry on over HERE & HERE to experience the Gyrusens+ mod now in Steam workshop!

    Shameless plug-in: Don't forget my other, smaller mods too!
    + Stone Torches: Adds torches made of stone, perfect for lengthy cave explorations!
    + Status Station: Want a bit more chemical oomph? This mod can give you a variety of effects!
    + Drill Tweaks: Matter Manipulator too slow? GSF Drills a bit too imprecise? Drill Tweaks makes drills worth using again!

    As per always, along with the release of Gyrusens+ publically on Steam, I've made some small adjustments:

    +/- Fixed several weapon's positioning and swing animations. The Gyrusenic Reaper should now work as intended!

    +/- Changed the Hexing Tear Base progression: Based on solid suggestions by a couple of fans and the co-owner herself, I've decided to make the Seal Tomes a bit less... RNG, so to speak. Now, instead of gambling your fuel and resources to hopefully find a base in a planet and hopefully get the tome you need, they shall now spawn in fixed biomes with fixed results: whether you get the dungeon or not, however, is up to the game!
    • Fire Tome: Can now be found in Volcanic and Magma biomes.
    • Water Tome: Can now be found in Tundra and Ocean biomes.
    • Elec Tome: Can now be found in Scorched City and Savanna biomes.
    • Wind Tome: Can now be found in Toxic and Jungle biomes.
    • Earth Tome: Can now be found in Desert and Barren biomes.
    • ???: Can be found on spooky places!
    • Old Hexing Tear Base: The old dungeon is still present in the game as to not break any universes, but will now only spawn in Jyinku planets. It will still have the same chance to spawn any of the 6 available variations of the puzzle!
    +/- Furnished both the Cathedral Mission dungeon & Hexing Tear Dungeon, so now they both have something pretty to look at.

    +/- Colors have been tweaked slightly; cleanup and polishing on this part.

    As well, thank you oh-so-much for the 4k downloads! I wouldn't have done any of this without my lovely partner-in-crime, @L4DTurbozero, and all of you guys as well!

    I hope you enjoy the many more updates to come...
    Have a good one!
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