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Gyrusens+ [v1.8.6]

Alien reptile race from distant lands, and more! (No longer requires Airless Dungeons!)

  1. G.Xyon
    "From a far away galaxy, these reptile-like aliens are looking for other species to interact and trade with. Seems like they might have gotten lost, though!"


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    What are Gyrusens?

    Originating from the planet Xy, gyrusens are a reptile-based alien race; scaled, tall, and sturdy, these creatures are more deceiving than they look! While they may look intimidating (to a sense), gyrusens have a reputation for being quite the pacifists, as well as being notorious for being easy-going and extremely lazy.

    But when they get to work, they mean it! Thanks to the discovery of a metal, Ouron, they have been able to advance technologically fairly quickly, giving them a massive base for... pretty much everything actually! Great minds have put this metal to good use, crafting just about anything they could imagine with it, and more!

    Pacifists can only tolerate so much however, which is why the gyrusens have accumulated quite an arsenal to retaliate and rise victorious out of any battle! Swords, daggers, scythes, pistols, cannons; they got the right tool for the right job!

    A wiki is in the works!

    The wiki can be found here!
    GSF Database Wiki<<

    There's now an official wiki, not only for the Gyrusens+ mod, but also for non-Starbound related lore!

    The wiki currently contains the following:

    + Drafts for all current species in the X0053142Y system.
    +/- Planned:
    • Detailed information about the planetary system's celestial bodies.
    • Detailed information about the history of the system as a whole.
    • Detailed information about all species within the system.
    • Detailed information about the history of each individual species.
    • Detailed information about each species' alliances and rivalries.

    + Item IDs for most basic/obtainable items within the mod.
    +/- Planned:
    • Detailed information about all items and objects.
    • Detailed information about biomes and instances.
    • Detailed information about the questline.
    • Possible information about interactions with objects or npcs.
    • Possible information about miscellaneous easter eggs.

    Gyrusens+ Mod Details!

    -- A fully animated, polished-up spritesheet!

    -- Original Ship design! Also fully upgrade-able!

    -- Original and adorable ship pet, Rouki the lizard-puppies!

    -- Fully custom GSF waving flag!

    -- Special crafting tables and recipes, along with a rare, unique ore found only in dangerous places!

    -- Don't want to play as a gyrusen, but want to keep all the goodies of one? Unlock all gyrusen-related recipes with the GSF Data Bank, available at a pixel printer near you!

    -- Armors ranging from scrap to end-game materials (and beyond), to promptly kick ass at any level.

    -- Excavators! Forget drills, this is the mining weapon of tomorrow's today!

    -- Various melee weapons, multiple types of guns, throwable mini-rockets, and much more, all upgrade-able!

    -- Introducing an all-new back item series called "Hexorbs", which help you out in the field when you need it most! Each orb will give the player a special effect once worn, and can be combined later on!
    • AIR: Allows to breathe in airless areas, and immunity to hazard liquids.
    • RUN: Allows faster running when worn.
    • JUMP: Allows higher jumping and nullifies fall damage when worn.
    • HP: Regenerates the user's health at all times when worn.
    • GLOW: Emits light and makes the user glow in the dark when worn.
    • ENERGY: Increases base energy by a set amount when worn.

    -- Catch a sweet ride today at the Outpost with the tanky and all-terrain Ouron Hover Car, or the sleek and speedy Ouron Hover Bike!

    -- Custom Furniture, Blocks, Platforms, and various NPCs: Merchants, Guards, and Villagers alike!

    -- Multiple new accessories and clothing accessible at the Gyrusen Clothier!

    -- Four crops currently accessible at the Gyrusen Botanist!

    -- Many bases and dungeons, some bearing very rare items. See if you can get them all!

    -- A staple of gyrusens and nearly everyone's favorite, Randomizing Portals and Pocket Dimensions! It's always nice to have a nifty little storage place right in your pockets!

    • A "Randomizing Portal" is an object that you may or may not encounter in random worlds; however, they are almost always very prominent in moons. Once interacted, the portal will prompt you to choose a destination, tossing you into one of the many random dimensions it can choose from. But you must be quick, the portal will only last for 5 seconds, and you won't get another chance to use it! However, time it correctly, and you might get its scraps before the portal closes on you...
    • Pocket Dimensions are generated when a Pocket Portal is entered, generating a permanent instance on your game! Meaning, it'll make its very own pocket dimension to do as you please with it! And with 5 different flavors, there's 5 different pocket dimensions you can make and use as you please! But be careful... these dimensions are blank slates, and there's no safetey net if you fall down!
    -- Only available past Tier 6, a brand new planet type/biome makes its way into the cosmos, the infected Jyinku planets. Do you dare delve into the heart of one possibly the most hostile planet types as of yet...?

    -- No overly-dangerous biome is complete without hostile enemies that will make sure to let you know you're in a very dangerous place. The jyin are fearless creatures that only get stronger and faster the deeper you make your way into their claimed planets.
    -- That's not all though! There's much more still in the works! Make sure to check at a later date... you might find more interesting information!

    1. Extract the folder file from the zip onto anywhere.
    2. Look for folder called "mods" in your "Starbound" folder.
    3. Place the unzipped mod inside your "mods" folder.
    4. Enjoy!


    > Modpacks:
    You can use this in any modpack , all you need to do is just toss me a note or something that you're gonna use it; I'm chill with it.

    > Data Mining: I do not condone data-mining on a regular basis as it takes away the suspense of what content may be available as well as possibly spoil what may come in a later day, however I am entirely okay with it if it's within a personal (or local) range. Do not post spoilers in the discussion forums though! Keep it to yourself. It's a secret for a reason!

    > Asset Templates: If you are interested in some of the assets or coding the mod uses, I would appreciate if you would let me know where the asset is going towards and how it's being modified. As the mod owner and co-founder of the Gyrusens+ mod, I reserve the right to deny usage of an original asset if I feel that the asset has been stolen without permission or previous knowledge. I won't bite, people; ask away!

    So in conclusion, by downloading the mod folder, you agree NOT to:

    1. Use assets without crediting the original creator(s) of the assets (which would be me, GXyon, and my partner, L4DTurboZero.

    2. Distribute recolored or altered assets that resemble the original item too closely and call them as your original creation.

    3. Datamine for the sole purpose of spoilers in the discussion thread. It's a mystery for a reason!


    Turbozero, my partner in crime (and co-owner of the Gyrusens+ mod): Thanks to her sparking the idea, presenting the initial spritesheet and working on it altogether, I've managed to snowball this into something I'd never thought of making. Thanks bee! <3

    Multiple existing mods, such as Novakid+, Felins, Peglaci, VitsotU, Creative Mode, Frackin' Flora, and others: Thanks to these mods and their excellent coding, I could learn a thing or two to be able to start this!

    Chucklefish: For being awesome at making Starbound so easily moddable, and a great game to mod in the first place!

    Want to report a bug, or perhaps give some suggestions and feedback? Don't be shy, drop by the discussion board and speak up!

    Reviews that only claim the mod to not be working, with phrases such as "it crashes" or "doesn't work" without providing a log in the discussion board will be promptly reported. Please leave the Review section for legitimate reviews!

    Thanks for checking this out everyone! Report any problems or bugs to me through PMs and I'll see what I can do! Please do provide a log if you can, it makes things super easy.

    Have fun, and have a good one!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Ickura
    Version: [v1.8.6]
    Goofy, and beautiful
  2. Joseph K
    Joseph K
    Version: [v1.8.6]
    Breath taking...
  3. Ashtar084
    Version: [v1.8.6]
    update this pls :)
  4. olsenitis
    Version: [v1.8.6]
    awesome mod
    best one ever
  5. gopnik
    Version: [v1.8.6]
  6. AArticuno3
    Version: [v1.8]
    Awesome mod! (The Download link doesn't work?)
    1. G.Xyon
      Author's Response
      Whoops! Dropbox dun goofed. Download should be working now!
      As well, thank you for the 5*s, hope you enjoy the mod!
  7. Dragon_Tom005
    Version: [v.1.7.6]
    You know what this mod is only missing?
    Well i'll tell you...
    Nothing... Nothing at all.
    Hah! Great mod.
  8. fyrekat3
    Version: [v.1.7.6]
    Will you add the mod on the steam workshop ?
  9. Saint Apollyon
    Saint Apollyon
    Version: [v.1.7.5]
    I've been looking forward to playing this race again! I didn't learn until recently that it had been updated-
  10. ZaChrome
    Version: [v.1.7.5]
    good mod adding its fair share of stuff, all around a well crafted race.
    The only negative point in my opinion would be the colors used for the race, but it's just preference at this point
    continue the hard work!