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Gundam Zaku Mecha Current Version 1.1c

A mod which brings the Zaku Gundam chassis to Starbound!

  1. WhiskyDan
    20170613190544_1.jpg aegisalt.png violium.png bonus.png
    A fairly simple mod that adds a Zaku Mobile Suit from the Gundam franchise.

    1.1c Release Notes:

    - Zaku Upgrade parts
    - Custom item images to differentiate parts
    - Muzzle flash and bolt cycle on ZMP
    - Bonus rx78-2 body, more to come!

    - Renamed Zaku to MS-06
    - Renamed Zaku Upgrade to MS-06S
    - Rebalanced recipes, standard MS-06 suit requires Aegisalt now

    I'd like to express a great deal of gratitude to Pohany for the framework of this mod! Please go check out Pohany's Barrage Heavy Mech!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. 20170613190446_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. unknownUsersName
    Version: Current Version 1.1c
    when i download it it just extract content.pack only
  2. fabricioporto
    Version: Current Version 1.1c
    Starbound.Bounty.Hunter.Update.v1.4.4MOD Gundam Zaku Mech
  3. walldo12
    Version: Current Version 1.1c
    It's lacking in a few areas, and, I don't want to sound nitpicky, but the Mono-Eye isn't pink like it is in the Anime. Also you could have original Gundam parts and Maybe a few other parts from other Mobile suits in the first series and movie trilogy, but other than that, It's fun to play around in a Zaku in space. Good mod.
  4. Russian guy
    Russian guy
    Version: Current Version 1.1c
    as boy from asia im a big fan of gundam soo Big up for your work
  5. Cherokii
    Version: Current Version 1.1c
    Amazing. I have come across no bugs, but it is simple mods like this that make the modding community so great.
  6. Riverl
    Version: Current Version 1.1c
    Wicked cool. I'm looking forward to the full RX-78
  7. Holy-Freak
    Version: Current Version 1.1c
    Thanks, you're my new hero. Please, make a few more mobile suits !
  8. NodusCZ
    Version: Current Version 1.1c
    MS09 Dom troppen next? Loving the idea I suggested on the forum thread, glad someone picked it up.

    Do the red mobile suit partss go at three times the normal speed?
  9. johnbas16
    Version: Current Version 1.1c
    Please make more! This is what i need!
  10. Zadey
    Version: Version 1.1b
    loving the mod,only thing missing is a white horned helmet for the player

    im not sure on how the mech assets work yet, i know the weapon/shoulder mirroring is a engine limitation, but would it be hard to have an alternate booster that is just two shoulder shields or two spiked shoulders?
    1. WhiskyDan
      Author's Response
      Well, I haven't created a sprite like that, that'd be a bit more work than you'd think, but definitely doable!