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Gundam 00 GN Drive 1.1

Adds GN Drives to the game

  1. Some changes

    I've done some tweaking to the mod to make it work a bit better with the some of the changes to the game
    • GN MK2 and MK3 no longer add hot/cold protection (as it didn't work and the nano tech removes its use
    • increased the energy of all drives to compensate for the recharge delay and higher energy cost of some of the items
    still working on making the drives printable from the 3d printer (and seem to find files related to it in the games unpacked assets...(if someone knows a small mod that has printer recipes feel free to leave a comment with a link so i can take a look at how they do it))

    also tried to upload the file again in the hopes that it will upload properly, if not the dropbox link is still on the mane page and that will always have the most updated version of the mod
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