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Outdated Gun Assembly 1.2.1

Break guns into parts, assemble parts into guns! Gun customization.

  1. Fix gun tooltips

    Fixes the tooltipKind used by guns to show gun stats
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  2. Fix shotgun projectile count

    Fixes a bug where shotguns would only shoot 1 bullet after being reassembled
  3. Spirited Giraffe Update


    • Compatibility with Spirited Giraffe
    • Fix bug where drawables were not correctly positioned, leaving gaps
    • Fix bugs where the assembler would sometimes duplicate or delete items
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  4. Removed some loginfo

    Won't spam your starbound.log anymore
  5. New interface, new ART

    • Interface has been reworked so that the assembly station is now only one object!
    • Awesome new art by Djinn of the Peglaci Mod
    [​IMG] New art

    [​IMG] New interface