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Outdated Guardians of the Galaxy Mod Mk1.0.2

Guardians of the Galaxy Mega Mod

  1. VoxFrame
    Welcome, everyone. To the Guardians of the Galaxy Mod. I've decided to not release separate mods for each asset. Now, all mods come in the same package, for your convenience.

    -=List Of What's In=-

    -=Rocket Raccoon=-
    *Custom AI
    *Custom Animations
    *Custom Emotes
    *Custom Quest Dialogue

    *Custom AI
    *Custom Animations
    *Custom Emotes
    *Custom Quest Dialogue

    -=Peter Quill=-
    --Starlord Outfit--
    *Starlord Pants
    *Starlord Chest
    *Starlord Mask
    *Starlord Headset


    -=Coming soon, for now, head to the seperate mod websites for sneakpeeks=-

    Any other suggestions will be read whenever I get the chance, as I'd love to hear what is requested for this mod. I'd also suggest using a species sorting mod, to add extra slots for species, if you haven't already of course.

    I will be glad to answer any questions as well.

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Recent Updates

  1. Starlord Mask Fix
  2. Starlord Suit Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Slinkerback
    Version: Mk1.0.2
    Not sure how to acquire the items?