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Ground-Penetrating Radar Station v1.45 (p1.2)

A machine which scans and displays your surrounding environment.

  1. Patch 1.2

    Updated for new patch.

    Also fixed mislabeled Tungsten Ore.
  2. 1.0 Update

    Made compatible with release.

    Removed the handheld version, I never was satisfied with it and the new ore scanner in vanilla fills the role well enough.

    The viewing area has shrunk; it looks like they put some hard limits on the amount of computation a script can suck down. But the image loads faster, and you can still pan around.

    Also, the window should be draggable now! Hooray!
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  3. Updated version number

    Because that makes the site less confused about distributing the right file, I think.
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  4. Console fix

    Sorry, I broke the consoles with that last one. Left a little test code in there.
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  5. Beta Handheld Scanner

    A beta version of a handheld scanner. Primary fire generates maps, and alt fire removes them. I don't think I like it as is, needs a lot more polish... maybe some generous artist could make some better sprites for me? In the meantime, you can give it a try, the functionality is alright.
  6. Pleased Giraffe

    Shows background ores and challenge doors.
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  7. No as minor fix

    Fixed a script crash which occurred when viewing tooltips in stable.
  8. Minor fix

    Fixes a possible script crash when drawing an ore tooltip for mod-added ores that don't follow naming conventions on unstable.
  9. C'mon Forums

    Uploading for reals
  10. Modpak + tweaks

    Mostly it's just in a modpak now for easier installation.

    But the entity scan will now pickup nearby Status Pods and Chests and display them. Also, for anyone running the Unstable or Nightly builds (the script has a clever check), all ores added by other mods will now have proper colors and tooltips (provided the mod author followed naming conventions).
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