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GreenFarm Extended and Vanilla! Now comes with a functional pool! 7/23/2016

A green farm that comes with two version, a vanilla like farm and an extended version.

  1. Hitgirl911
    Hello everyone!

    *Start of intro*

    Did you ever want a green farm? Are you tired of staring at all that yellow dirt? Well if you are, I've got the mod for you! Presenting GreenFarm! Now comes in two versions!

    The first farm is the Vanilla Like farm! It comes with minimal personal touches and it's fully green! You can also decide on whether to keep the dog bowl or not!

    The second farm is the GreenFarm Extended! This is perfect for those running out of farm space (like me!) The Farm is extended vertically and the size is doubled! There is also a functional pool!

    So what are you waiting! Hit the download button right now! [​IMG]

    *end of intro*

    Anyways! Originally I made this mod because I wanted a green farm with minimal personal touches so that's why I made the green farm vanilla farm. However, over time, I was running out of farm space and so I extended the farm. Then I got bored and ended up putting a bunch of personal touches on the extended map. I'll put it here so that anyone who wants a green farm and a bigger farm could use it.

    The Farms:

    Vanilla-like Farm:

    This farm is very close to what the vanilla farm looks like and has very little personal touches and very few things were modified:

    1. Most of the fences were removed so you can put the fence of your liking.

    2. The sides were replaced with a cliff to prevent players from walking into darkness and grass and trees to grow in said eternal darkness.

    3. Removed the smaller lake and made the large lake symmetrical and larger (because I like having symmetry).

    4. Made the farm a square and modified some of the plants and trees found at the side to accommodate the changes.​

    Other than the following, nothing else was added.

    My farm mod.png

    Notsmooth greenfarm.png

    GreenFarm Extended:

    This farm has been vertically extended. Why just vertically? Because I like the size of the farm horizontally but I was running out of vertical space. (I wanted space for my farm forest)

    The farm size was nearly doubled. From 80x65, it is now 80x110.


    With the hedges and arch:


    Unlike the Vanilla-like farm, I decided to add some personal touches to this farm and there are two sub-versions: GreenFarm Extended and the Simple Extension. The difference between the two is that the Extended uses custom tiles, the simple extension just uses vanilla tiles.

    There are also two variations of the GreenFarm Extended with hedges and without.

    The screenshots below will feature the GreenFarm extended only:

    1.) Teleporters: Next to the statue near where the dog bowl was (it was removed.) There are two flowers, these will take you to certain parts of the farm that are blocked. If you clicked on the statue it will tell you what each does. As a bonus, there are two windmills and a nice sitting area (that you can't sit on but it's nice to stand in front of it).


    You can see how the teleporters work at the additional screenshot section bellow.

    2.) Bush area: I added bushes in the area behind the farm. You can access it either by walking to it or if it's blocked by any other mod that you use (like what I have but not shown here), you can use the pink flowers to warp there. These bushes will bear berries.

    Bush Area.PNG

    3.) Pool Area: This area can only be accessed by clicking on the blue flowers. The area here is diggable so you can either plant crops here or put trees here for tapping (that's what I do). You can swim in the pool which will regen your energy :D

    Pool Area.PNG

    Like the teleporters, you can see how this works at the additional screenshot section below.

    4.) The Two Exits: These are at the bottom end of the farm. The left one will take you to the forest, the right one is currently locked until I can decide on where to make that warp to. The signs will tell you which is which if you are confused.

    Screenshot 5.JPG

    5.) The Hedges: If you use a Wonderful Farm Life SMAPI, I suggest using this version of the GreenFarm extended. What it does is just surrounds the greenhouse with hedges and if you use the WFL, it looks great with grandpa’s shrine. You can still plant around it and dig the front if you want.


    (Note: This is what it looks like with a Wonderful Farm Life.)


    Want to see how much vertical space I added? Here's my test character running across it! Of course if you want to see just how big it is, you have to download the mod itself hehehe.


    How does the teleporters work? Here's a GIF on how it works!


    Want proof that this mod has a functional pool? Well here it is!


    Here's a visual representation of why you need to change the forest.xnb for the extended version. It makes warping this smooth!


    Don't you know, you can till the area around the greenhouse with either version of the mod? Well here's proof.


    For all versions, I modified the lake to make it much livelier, larger and cuter.


    Here’s a screenshot of what you can do with the greenhouse~ One of the many possibilities! (P.S This is what I do with it on my main save but you can do whatever you want with it.)

    Greenfarm WLF.PNG

    Here are screenshots of the GreenFarm Simple Extension!

    Vanilla Teleporters:

    Screenshot 1.JPG


    Screenshot 3.JPG

    Vanilla Pool Area:

    Screenshot 4.JPG

    The two exits:

    Screenshot 5.JPG

    The whole farm:

    Farm Extended.png

    That's pretty much all for the farms.


    1) BACK UP YOUR FILES and download the zip. Inside the zip are all the different version so pick the one you like.

    2) Do the following steps depending on the version you want:

    a) If you want to use the Vanilla-like farm: Simply copy the farm.xnb to the maps folder of your game (Stardew Valley > Content > Maps)

    b) If you want to use the GreenFarm Extended: Simply copy the content folder in the mod folder, then copy it into your Stardew Valley content. Make sure to override your farm.xnb, and forrest.xnb in the maps.

    c) If you want to use the GreenFarm Simple Extension: Simply put the farm.xnb and the forest.xnb in the maps folder of your game (Stardew Valley > Content > Maps)
    3) If you ever want to uninstall this mod, make sure you clear your farm. Especially if you use the GreenFarm Extended, if not you might end up with trees and plants growing in the eternal darkness. (This isn’t really mandatory but you might be surprised on stuff growing out of your reach.)​

    What has changed (7/22/2016):

    1. Fixed the black tiles issues when using the Wonderful Farm Life mod.

    2. The GreenFarm Extended now has a functional pool just like the one in the bathhouse! Useful if you have no energy and don’t want to eat food or walk all the way to that bathhouse!

    3. Made Custom tiles for the GreenFarm Extended Version. Now the teleporters, the pool bushes, and the pool has a unique look!

    4. Fixed the bushes so they actually grow berries in all versions that has them.​

    Notes from me:
    • The screenshots of the entire farm were taken in tIDE since I don't know how to take a screenshot of the entire farm in game and I cannot use that method where you download a thirdparty app (it didn't work for me.) I can assure you that everything will load properly in game.
    • So why is important to replace the Forest.xnb file if you want to use the extended version?
    Honestly, it's just to fix the warps from the forest side. If you go to the forest and go back without changing the warps. You'll be transported to the default location which is below the large lake. Theoretically you don't really need to change the forest xnb file but you may run into issues if you end up putting stuff below the lake. So please change the file and don't worry, nothing else was modified in the forest area.​

    Stuff that may be added in the future:
    1. A new area for the GreenFarm extended. I was playing around with a simple XNB edit but I didn’t like how it ended up. So the next release might need a SMAPI mod (which will be optional of course.)
    2. [​IMG]A more festive Christmas… Someone gave me an idea for Christmas lights and trees… I might make that into a reality.
    3. This is a tentative idea: A vanilla GreenFarm extended to replace the GreenFarm simple extension.
    Due Credits: I would like to thank @taintedwheat for letting me use the Wonderful Farm Life (a mod I highly recommend) tilesheets for the mod as well as lending me her hedges and letting me modify her archways :)

    If you encounter any problems, comments, or request, feel free to tell me :D
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Amber9572
    Version: 7/23/2016
    I haven't booted up the game with it but it looks awesome, it looks like it's exactly what i was looking for
  2. game9
    Version: 7/23/2016
    Thanks for sharing it! This is very good!