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Gravity Falls Wearables v0.0.11 - SB1.0

Gravity Falls themed wearable items, what more is there to say?

  1. Crafting fixes for Starbound's launch

    I haven't added anything new. I just made it possible to actually use this mod on the latest stable version of Starbound as of the time I am typing this.

    I'll also be posting this in the Steam Workshop.
  2. Journal objects, sweater fixes, new sweater

    • Added journals 1-3 as decorative furniture objects! It was a suggestion by The_Turret_Boy. Thanks, it helped me get going on the mod again!
    • Fixed a missing pixel on one of the potential arm frames for all implemented sweaters; idle stances that used this particular arm sprite position should no longer have a hole under the front armpit.
    • Added a new sweater, ‘Cyan Daisy Sweater’, which appears in the same flashback sequence in the first episode as the peach stripe sweater....
  3. Glad Giraffe, new sweater + hat, removed certain items for personal reasons

    • Updated to Glad Giraffe, some items had broken into PGIs and whatnot after the new version for some reason, but they should work now - let me know if they don't
    • Peach Stripe Sweater, design based on a sweater worn by Mabel in the first episode of Gravity Falls during a flashback sequence
    • Dipper’s First Hat, based on the hat Dipper wore in the first episode before losing it and getting his new pine tree hat
    • Removed Summerween Trickster items, as I am no longer on good...
  4. New crafting object! Candy Chiu's Glasses! Meow Wow Sweater! Incoming mod name change!

    • Changing mod name to “Gravity Falls Wearables”, as the mod is slowly expanding beyond just hats/head items. This affects the internal mod name as well.
    • Moved all crafting recipes for wearable items to a brand-new crafting object, “Gravity Falls Apparel Creator”, which itself is craftable at an ordinary crafting table. The object itself won’t take up much space, but it does need to be placed on a flat horizontal surface - tabletops should work just fine, for example! (The sprite...
  5. Dipper's Top, Pacifica's Hair

    - Added a chest-slot item, Dipper's Top, which is basically his standard shirt and vest combo.

    - Added a new wig, Pacifica's Hair. Might turn this into an actual human hairstyle later, who knows.

    Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 3.42.16 PM.png Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 3.35.53 PM.png
  6. Giffany Bow! McGucket Hat! Shooting Star Sweater! Actual recipes!

    I have some new items made - one of them isn't a hat but is still Gravity Falls themed.

    Giffany’s Bow:

    Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 9.15.41 PM.png

    McGucket’s Hat:

    Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 9.15.25 PM.png

    Shooting Star Sweater:

    Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 9.15.34 PM.png

    Also, items now cost certain amounts of fabric or string instead of pixels to create(typically string is for wigs or wig-like items while fabric is for almost anything else). I may revert this change, depending on what people think; the only item that still...
  7. New hats/hair! Actual icons! Contribution from a friend!

    • New Items:
      • Gideon’s Hair
      • Wendy’s Hat
      • Soos’s Hat
      • Summerween Trickster head items, included thanks to my friend Spark, who made them. The Trickster's Mask, Trickster's Hat, and a combination of the mask/hat are now available ahead of time for the Halloween season!
    • Actual custom icons for most items that are hopefully less terrible than the ones from before
    • Reorganized folder structure somewhat within the mod’s files, this should theoretically not...
  8. More small sprite tweaks

    • Tweaked the hair sprite on the Dipper’s Hat + Hair item, and adjusted shading on the hat itself
    • Tweaked the shading on the Dipper’s Hat item
    • Tweaks to Dipper’s hair, both the hairstyle and the wig
    • Tweaks to Mabel’s hair, both hairstyle and wig
    • Updated icons for the wig items(both Mabel and Dipper)
  9. Human hairstyles! Dipper's hair without hat! Dipper's hair WITH hat! Tweaks!

    • Changed internal mod ID to “GravityFallsHats"
    • Tweaked the Mabel’s Hair item again, including fixing up of the shading/colors and more adjusting of the overall shape
    • The hairband on the Mabel’s Hair wig item is now dye compatible/can be made different colors in-game if you have a mod installed that allows this
    • Adjusted the mask.png file for Dipper’s cap, should fix a single stray pixel that was bothering Feb
    • New items:
      • Dipper Hair - a wig of...
  10. New back item + tweaks!

    - Added a new back item, "Mysterious Shadow." Hmmm I wonder what that could be~

    - Tweaked the pixel art for Mabel's Hair so it's more floofy and Mabel-like

    - Bill Cipher's Top Hat is now known as Tiny Top Hat

    - Version numbering format changed, just in case, for the sake of Feb's sanity