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Gravity Falls Wearables v0.0.11 - SB1.0

Gravity Falls themed wearable items, what more is there to say?

  1. Glad Giraffe, new sweater + hat, removed certain items for personal reasons

    • Updated to Glad Giraffe, some items had broken into PGIs and whatnot after the new version for some reason, but they should work now - let me know if they don't
    • Peach Stripe Sweater, design based on a sweater worn by Mabel in the first episode of Gravity Falls during a flashback sequence
    • Dipper’s First Hat, based on the hat Dipper wore in the first episode before losing it and getting his new pine tree hat
    • Removed Summerween Trickster items, as I am no longer on good terms with the person who made those sprites and I do not know whether they would be alright with me keeping them in the mod or not as a result. I’d rather be safe, sorry!
    I don't have screenshots of the two new items at the moment, I'm afraid.
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