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Outdated Graviton Projectors - Broken V1.3

Defying Gravity!

  1. Rails

    Graviton rail and railstop, from my outdated Graviton Rails mod.

    gravitonrail.png gravitonrailstop.png

    'Off' wire node from rings and pads that receive synchronize setting signal from another pad or ring corrected.

    You can learn the new recipes by picking up the Gravfield Manipulator crafting table (which also gives its own recipe, so it is accessible thru /admin if you had already done the quests beforehand.)
  2. Gravfield Manipulator and New Sizes

    Major Update!


    With this update I have added a specialized crafting table, the Gravfield Manipulator and two extra sizes of pads and rings for each tier from Titanium to Impervium, so the range now includes Tiny, Small, Medium, Large and XL which fit shafts from 4 to 8 tiles...
  3. Correction

    Removed the Drafting Table objects from the mod, as their inclusion was unintended and any "holoblueprints" had already been functionally disabled.
  4. V 1.11 UG

    Correction to the 2nd outpost quest on Gravitons so the glitch actually tells you what he wants. :)