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Outdated Graviton Projectors - Broken V1.3

Defying Gravity!

  1. Revised Mod

    Finally got them working again* :DD

    You can find the revised mod here:
    Graviton Elevators v1.0 Glad Giraffe

    There have had to have been some changes (the area of effect is no longer calculated for the objects, so a ring only effect things that pass through it rather than the full area between a pair of rings) and graviton rails are no more.
  2. Gravrail maintenance

    Gravrails should function again with Pleased Giraffe.
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  3. Graviton magnifiers fix


    gravitonmagnifier.png Gravtion Magnifiers were missing from the players patched recipes (thanks to Imol for reporting this.)


    gravbuff.png The Graviton Field buff effect now expires immediately on contact with ground (no more continuous jumping to keep the buff up.)
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  4. Core changes


    ! Quests have been removed. The recipes necessary to craft Graviton Projector devices have been added to basic knowledge instead, with the Gravfield Manipulator first craftable at the Robotic crafting station.

    gravitonmagnifier.png Graviton Magnifiers now require Core Fragments instead of Crystals now, as Crystals seemed to be rather hard to come...
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  5. Quick fix

    Grrr, one tiny error can cause so much trouble! Should work again with this update :)
  6. V1.26

    Small correction to scripts which spam the Starbound.log file in V1.25. Apologies!
  7. V1.25

    Graviton pads and rings will now provide a short-duration buff to players which prevents falling damage and limits travel speed up and down, to meet UCSM Safety Regulations.
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  8. V1.24

    Fixed a number of errors with large gravpads/rings that I had missed and adjusted the power of the gravity fields all pads and rings generate.

    Watch this Space (Elevator)!
    You may also note this .zip now contains ge-architects.modpak as well. This is a forwards compatibility mod that will use my also just-released Tiles and Greebles mod and a currently WIP Architects Table mod that I hope to...
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  9. Spirited Giraffe (v1.23)

    New Stable, updated version!

    • There are no longer three settings for gravpads or gravrings. They now switch between Low and High settings only. The output nodes will send an off signal from such devices when on Low, so attached lights etc. can be used to easily see which setting the device is currently at besides the animated effect on the device itself.
    • Whilst a player is within the area effected by a gravpad or gravring, the game should...
  10. Wiring Nodes

    Important Notice - before updating to this version, you should remove any wired connections to current Graviton device object nodes, as some of the node positions have been changed which could otherwise crash the game on loading an area where it trys to connect older non-existant wire nodes.

    Wired devices will now also not cycle thru the Off setting. This should make grav...
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