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Outdated Graviton Projectors - Broken V1.3

Defying Gravity!

  1. Storm_UK
    ... but you can find a new revised mod here > Graviton Elevators v1.0 Glad Giraffe


    Updated for Spirited Giraffe. Please let me know in discussion if you come across any errors as I'm still getting back into the swing of modding. :)

    Graviton Pads and Rings

    This mod adds Graviton Projector devices, with the intention of providing 'elevator' shafts. When active these project graviton fields which can affect any movable players, npcs, monsters, or loose items which come within their area.

    You can make a Gravfield Manipulator at a Robotics Crafting Table, from which you can construct the various Gravpad and Gravring Models.

    gravitonmagnifier.png A Graviton Magnifier can be made initially at the Wiring Station as well as at a Gravfield Manipulator (as you require one for making the later.)

    These are currently Titanium, Durasteel, Aegisalt, Ferozium, Cerulium, Violium and Rubium and Impervium tiered Gravpads and Gravrings, each in Tiny, Small, Medium, Large and XL sizes.

    Recipes for Constructing Graviton Pads & Rings
    Gravpads and Gravrings are constructed at the Gravfield Manipulator, and each requires a Graviton Magnifier (made from a Core Fragment and Laser Diode at either the Wiring Station or the Gravfield Manipulator), a Circuit Board and a number of the relevant metal bars.


    Graviton Device Power Settings
    Interacting with a pad or ring will cause it to cycle between two settings - Low and High.
    • Low ('Off' output nodes): The Low setting projects a minimal graviton field.
    • High ('On' output nodes): At the High setting the pad/ring projects a graviton field which is powerful enough to counter local gravity and cause things within to rise upwards
    In addition, when you change the setting on a Graviton Pad or Ring, it will scan for the nearest other such device (of matching size and class) within range. If another is found, a signal is sent which synchronizes settings with the first interacted device.

    On receiving a signal and changing setting, the receiving device will in turn scan for and signal any matching device in the same direction, propagating the new setting up and down a whole chain of Graviton devices.

    Note that these devices don't have to be aligned perfectly above/below one another - although they will probably function best if they are placed so they do - I leave this up to users to experiment with if they choose to build non-entirely vertical elevator shafts!

    Graviton Field Energy Screen

    gravbuff.png The Graviton Field energy screen is a buff applied to those within the area effected by a gravpad or gravring at either setting. This self-sustaining field prevents damage from a fall although once in contact with the ground it will rapidly wear off.

    Graviton Rails

    This mod also adds Graviton Projector Energy Rails, more commonly called Gravrails, which can be used to travel faster in a flat horizontal (or at least a slightly bobbing up and down horizontal) direction. These are available to construct from Tier 3.

    Utilizing the same technology found in Graviton Elevator rings and pads these 'Gravrails' can be also be constructed at a Gravfield Manipulator from Graviton Magnifiers, Titanium Bars and Circuit Boards.

    As long as the Gravrails are placed at equal height and have no intervening obstacles between them, they can project a linked graviton field which will lift and propel any movable player, monster, or loose item within its area of effect. Note also that the maximum gap between two Gravrail devices is 25 'tiles' in length - further apart and they will not be able to make a valid connection.

    Whilst active and properly linked, a glowing 'marker beam' will also be projected to help further clarify which direction the Gravrails are currently set. The actual graviton force effect is invisible and lifts/propels within a field that lies above the gravrails and the marker beams.

    Gravrail gravitonrail.png
    On interaction, a Gravrail will cycle between three modes, Off, Right and Left. It will then communicate with other connected Gravrail devices on the same line and they will match the new setting. If a button or switch is attached, then the Gravrail will skip the Off setting when it cycles.

    Gravrail Stop gravitonrailstop.png
    Gravrail Stops have a taller design than the standard Gravrails which is simply intended to interrupt the travel of a Gravrail user.

    In addition, a Gravrail Stop will not propogate a received setting change signal further along a line. Interacting with a Gravrail Stop will change the setting to the left or right of the stop depending on the position of the player in relation to the Stop.

    Suggested Construction Design / Safety Tips

    A slightly elevated area before the start of a Gravrail line will help travellers disembark more safely. Connecting Gravrails with platforms will not block their connection and allow mundane pedestrian travel when the Gravrail is off.

    Placing Gravrail Stops along a line will prevent the setting changing across the whole line and allow travellers a pause for respite and maybe a banana or cup of tea (and may be useful in performance where the game would otherwise need to load long parts of the planet to propogate the signal down an extremely long Gravrail line.)

    I have decided not to include the old versions 'greebles' and 'drafting tables' with this updated mod as I believe I can utilize them as individual seperate mods and give them wider applications.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Updates

  1. Revised Mod
  2. Gravrail maintenance
  3. Graviton magnifiers fix

Recent Reviews

  1. sithalo
    Version: V1.3
    I was going to go back into starbound to try out Glad Giraffe, but when i found out this was mod didnt work for it i decided it wasnt worth it to go back in until this mod worked again

    i figured it would be updated or fixed soon enough but now 4 months later and its still broken saddly.

    i made a large space elevator to a space city above a lava lake on a volcano world and space base jumping with these and it was awsome. i hope this mod gets fixed at some point in the future but i understand its not super simple

    as much as id like the items to be converted to a normal moving platform elevator, if it just means how the elevators are currently in the game then that is to bad.

    besides solid elevators are not the same as super high tech gravity elevators so hopefully gravity elevators come back at some point in time

    but at the very least thank you for providing me an awsome time.
    1. Storm_UK
      Author's Response
      I've been looking at ways to fix this for some time, yet still have to come up with a way to translate the force effect I had which calculated the area it effected to the new physics that are applied by objects, which seem to be fixed areas. That may have to be the way I go, setting a required area for placement.

      Thanks for the review and glad you had fun with this mod. :)
  2. The_Turret_Boy
    Version: V1.3
    This is just awsome!! now i can create elevators :D
  3. Lefl
    Version: V1.29
    Good mod but gravrails shouldnt leave out off state when connected to a lever, or there should be another gravrail type for that
  4. GoldenstarArtist
    Version: V1.29
    Wonderful! Ecstatic to see it update!
  5. Mahiaga
    Version: V1.29
    This mod is awesome for quickly moving up and down the really long access shaft to my hidden, underground lab! Without it, I was having to do constant jumping up or down to the various levels of platforms I had to place. Now, with just an easy interaction with the gravity pad or with the top gravity ring, I'm up at the top or reaching the bottom in mere moments, without the constant clicking!

    I'm very happy with this mod already and I haven't even tried the Gravrail yet! ^.^
  6. Imol
    Version: Spirited Giraffe V1.28
    This seems amazing, but i cannot seem to craft a grav magnafier
    1. Storm_UK
      Author's Response
      Thanks for pointing this out - corrected!
  7. Chompy
    Version: Spirited Giraffe V1.28
    I've used this mod for a very long time and absolutely always love it. It feels like something that should've been in the base game!
  8. Gevouden
    Version: Spirited Giraffe V1.28
    Good stuff.
  9. ShirraWhitefur
    Version: Spirited Giraffe V1.28
    A very useful mod for those of us that like to dig holes -straight down- to the planet's core area.. and hate the slog for both up and down afterwards. Been downright awesome from the first versions onwards! ^_^
  10. Dragagan
    Version: Spirited Giraffe (v1.23)
    You can float upwards and you can hover side ways. This makes vertical drops-climbs so much easier then pressing a button constantly and risk getting a painful finger-based health problem or hearing the sounds of wurring, static, and beeps and bops that certain techs generate. While the gravrails do their thing, i just want to leave a idea for the road, or lack of one: Gravcannons. or some other, better name. They could be the higher tier versions of the gravrails, and instead of you floating along a beam, it launches you in a straight-ish line to a gravcatcher, the gravcannon won't work unless a gravcatcher is there to stop your super-fast graviton-based travel.