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Outdated Graviton Elevators - Outdated V1.0 OUTDATED

Defying Gravity!

  1. V0.4

    Corrected the architect's drafting table blueprint recipes for the Gravtion Elevator Base and Tube, so they require Small Graviton Pads and Rings as appropriate for their construction rather than the normal sized versions.
  2. v0.3 Fix for Large Graviton Devices synch +

    Fixed an issue where large graviton pads/rings were not correctly synchronizing their setting with the same size devices.

    Consolidated lua scripts for future ease of editing and possible expansion rather than have a script for every ring or pad of each size.

    Note that graviton elevator blueprints may require a little more care in placing now, needing their area cleared of plantlife and any other entities before they will successfully construct, though this should also stop parts of such...
  3. V0.2

    Corrected architect's drafting table recipes (removed 1-pixel cost versions, these will now only show up on Tabula Rasa)