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Outdated Graviton Elevators - Outdated V1.0 OUTDATED

Defying Gravity!

  1. More architects blueprints and greebles

    • Ferozium C1 and L1 Greebles
    • Cerulium C1 and L1 Greebles
    • Aegisalt Model SA3 Base and Tube Blueprints
    • Ferozium Model SF4 Base and Tube Blueprints
    • Cerulium Model SC5 Base and Tube Blueprints
    • Violium Model SV6 Base and Tube Blueprints
    • Recipes for all current tiered Greebles and Base/Tube Blueprints!
    • Slight decrease to uplift strength of 'low' power setting - still higher than pre v0.9, trying to get the force strength 'just right'...
  2. v0.9 more architect blueprints and greebles

    • Aegisalt C1 and L1 Greebles
    • Aegisalt Model SA3 Base and Tube Blueprints*
    • Violium C1 and L1 Greebles
    • Violium Model SV6 Base and Tube Blueprints*
    • Slight increase to uplift strength of 'low' power setting
    • Large Gravring/pad force area adjusted to be more central - allows players to stand on edge of ring in a similar fashion to the smaller ring models
    • Ferozium and Cerulium panel...
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  3. v0.81 .modpak fix

    Many apologies folks, corrected the issue with the zipped folder/.paks to split zipped .modpaks with this version (if you've already fixed it yourself in the manner Terkup stated in discussion, no need to download this)
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  4. V0.8 - More Architect Blueprints and some extra Greebles

    Broken version :( - Can be fixed by following Terkup's advice in discussion or by switching to v0.81

    • Durasteel C1 and L1 Greebles
    • Durasteel Model SD2 Base and Tube Blueprints
    • Rubium Model SV7 Base and Tube Blueprints
    • Impervium Model SI8 Base and Tube Blueprints
    Graviton Elevators is also now in .pak file format.
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  5. Durasteel Tiles fix

    • Slight error in Greebles/player.config file fixed that made Durasteel tiles inaccessible, thanks to Frostwood for pointing this out.
  6. Tiers 3-10 Small, Normal and Large Gravpads/rings

    • Ferozium Gravpad and Gravring Models LF4
    • Cerulium Gravpad and Gravring Models SC5, C5 and LC5
    • Violium Gravpad and Gravring Models SV6, V6 and LV6
    • Rubium Gravpad and Gravring Models SR7, R7 and LR7
    • Panels, Support Blocks, Beams and Reinforced Glass for all the above tiers
    • Reinforced Glass is Transparent! Really!
    • Durasteel/Aegisalt/Ferozium tiles moved down one to be available at their correct Tier
    Hopefully this update is lacking...
  7. New Tiered Gravpads/rings and Tiles

    • Reinforced Glass recipes and Titanium Beam material Id (thanks to Frostwood for reporting those bugs in discussion.)
    As I didn't want to post another 'Oops just a Fix' Update, I decided to give you guys all my current work as a thank you for your continued support and patience! ;)

    • Ferozium Gravpad and Gravring Models SF4 and F4
    • Impervium Gravpad and Gravring...
  8. v0.52 Aegisalt Fix plus couple other bits

    Aegisalt models should now be available (upon using Durasteel Tech Upgrade) along with Aegisalt panels and reinforced glass tiles.

    Changed inventory icons for Durasteel models to make it easier to differentiate them / look more like their actual placed objects.

    Adjusted graviton lift force, Titanium models should be closer to original version untiered power now.

    Plus more greebles! C0, C2, L2 and L3 titanium aesthetic greebles for decorative purposes.
  9. V0.51 Major Update fix

    Forgot a couple of comma's in a player.config file, should run now!
  10. Tiered Graviton Elevators - Titanium, Durasteel and Aegisalt

    With this update, I would like to introduce the first 3 tiers of Graviton devices!


    These are defined as Gravpad or Gravring Models ST1, T1, LT1, SD2, D2, LD2, SA3, A3, and LA3 as appropriate to their size, material and...