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Outdated Graviton Elevators - Outdated V1.0 OUTDATED

Defying Gravity!

  1. Tiered Graviton Elevators - Titanium, Durasteel and Aegisalt

    With this update, I would like to introduce the first 3 tiers of Graviton devices!


    These are defined as Gravpad or Gravring Models ST1, T1, LT1, SD2, D2, LD2, SA3, A3, and LA3 as appropriate to their size, material and respective comparative level.

    There are a few changes here:
    • Each tier produces increased lift to the previous tier.
    • The topmost Gravring of a chain will only project force a short distance - you may still be initially propelled higher of course when travelling up length of a Graviton elevator shaft passing several rings.
    • Note that Graviton Devices (at least of the same model) will not overlap their graviton force fields, so there will be no benefit to placing them close together!
    • 'Normal' sized Graviton Rings are now 2 tiles in height, to match small and large versions. Apologies to anyone who will need to replace these but I felt the thin ring didn't look right, and this size gives more leeway in varying model style. :)
    • New Tiles!
    • 1 Titanium Bar can also now be turned into Titanium Support blocks (x 3), Titanium Beams (x 3), and Titanium Reinforced Glass (1 Bar + 6 Glass = 12)
    • Durasteel Bars can now be used to make Durasteel Panels (x 3) and Durasteel Reinforced Glass (1 Bar + 6 Glass = 12)
    • Aegisalt Bars can now be used to make Aegisalt Panels (x 3) and Aegisalt Reinforced Glass (1 Bar + 6 Glass = 12)
    • Titanium C1T and L1T Greebles are now made with Titanium Panels instead of Bars.
    • The current Graviton Elevator Base and Tube Blueprints (as yet just for *T1l Graviton Elevators - D2 and A3 will come Soon™) require Titanium Panels, Supports, Beams, and Reinforced Glass, plus C1T and/or L1T Greebles.
    • C1 and L1 Greebles can be placed in several different orientations, if used outside of the Blueprints.
    Expect future coming updates to include further advanced tiers and models of Graviton Devices, new Greebles and Blueprints.

    Finally, there may be (likely are) some mistakes within this sizable update, please post in discussion if you discover such and I'll fix as soon as able. Thanks and enjoy!
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