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Outdated Graviton Elevators - Outdated V1.0 OUTDATED

Defying Gravity!

  1. Storm_UK

    7/10/2015: Try out the new Pleased Giraffe updated version HERE!

    16/02/2015: After a long hiatus from Starbound, the numerous changes to the game have made Graviton Elevators and my few other mods incompatible with Upbeat Giraffe. I am working on updating this mod however now that I have returned to the Starbound universe.

    (Alternative download link for zipped folders in non-modpak format for those who are having trouble with modpaks: https://app.box.com/gravitonelevators)

    This mod adds Graviton Projector elevator devices. When active these project gravity-affecting fields of force which can affect any movable players, npcs, monsters, or loose items which intersect them.

    From Version 0.7, there are 8 different Tiers each with 3 different Sizes of Graviton Projector elevator devices as well as new Tiles and 'Greebles.'

    t3to5.png t6to8.png t9to10.png

    These are currently Titanium, Durasteel, Aegisalt, Ferozium, Cerulium, Violium and Rubium and Impervium tiered Gravpads and Gravrings, each in Small, 'Normal' and Large sizes. Please read the Update section for further details!

    New Tiles

    All the new tiles are created at the Metalwork Station including the relevant tier panels needed to construct the Gravpads and Gravrings.

    You may need to reuse Upgrade techs to unlock new tier blueprints if you have already advanced through tiers with your current character.

    Note: For fellow modders, I am currently assigning material Id's in the range of 2291-2400 for these tiles.

    Graviton Device Power Settings

    On interaction with a pad or ring (or a button wired to one) it will cycle through three settings - Off, Normal and Low. Off and Normal are self-explanatory I think. The Low setting projects a minimal graviton field which should be just enough to prevent falling damage down a line of graviton elevator devices.

    In addition, when you change the setting on a Graviton Pad or Ring, they will also scan for the nearest other such devices (of the same size category) within sufficient range to ask them to also synchronize their setting to match.

    On receiving a signal and changing setting, the receiving device will in turn scan for and signal any further such devices, propagating the desired setting up and down the whole chain of Graviton devices built into a shaft. Note that these devices don't have to be aligned perfectly above one another, though the angle is limited - I leave this up to users to experiment with if they choose to build non-entirely vertical elevator shafts!

    Recipes for Constructing Graviton Devices

    Balanced recipes require Tier 3 or higher obtainable items to manufacture, though Tabula Rasa recipes are also included for testing purposes. Pads and Rings are constructed at the Robotic Crafting Table, and require Graviton Magnifiers (made from Crystals and Laser Diodes at the Wiring Station), Circuit Boards and the relevant metal tier Panels.

    Architect's Drafting Tables

    This mod also adds wooden and metal architect's drafting tables (available at tier 1 and 3 respectively) which can be used to create 'holoblueprints' that can be placed with a matter manipulator for prefabricated construction.


    At present, the following holoblueprints exist, utilizing Small size gravpads and gravrings:
    • Tier 3 Titanium Model ST1 Base and Model ST1 Tube
    • Tier 4 Durasteel Model SD2 Base and Model SD2 Tube
    • Tier 5 Aegisalt Model SA3 Base and Model SA3 Tube
    • Teir 6 Ferozium Model SF4 Base and Model SF4 Tube
    • Tier 7 Cerulium Model SC5 Base and Model SC5 Tube
    • Tier 8 Violium Model SV6 Base and Model SV6 Tube
    • Tier 9 Rubium Model SR7 Base and Model SR7 Tube
    • Tier 10 Impervium Model SI8 Base and Model SI8Tube
    These might make it easier building an elevator to get from planet surface to low orbit though!

    Shown below are the holoblueprints from the first version of this mod but the new tiered holoblueprints still follow the same placement rules.


    The structure shown in each holoblueprints will be constructed for you when properly placed. If it cannot be built at the desired location, the holoblueprint item will be dropped instead at the target location. You may need to clear some vegetation and ensure local wildlife is kept at bay.


    A Model S__ Base holoblueprint requires a foundation of 7 tiles width on both foreground and background.


    A Model S__ Tube holoblueprint requires a foundation of 5 tiles width on the background and 1 tile on the foreground for each side of the tube - which fits on top of the base and other tubes.

    Please note that these holoblueprints also require the area to be free on any obstructions which includes yourself and other player characters, roaming npcs, critters, small plants, grass or tilled dirt (the matter manipulator scanner can be a finicky so-and-so at times but is generally reliable.)

    Introducing - Greebles!

    Finally this mod adds some 'greebles' some of which are used in the above blueprints but otherwise are just decorative objects for technological and aesthetic embellishment. Currently these are for available in Titanium, Durasteel, Aegisalt, Ferozium, Cerulium, Violium, Rubium and Impervium and are made from the relevant metals panels.

    These are coded C or L followed by a number representing the greebles size followed by the capital letter of the relevant metal (C1V for example would be the standard Violium C1 Greeble.)

    Only Titanium so far has extra greebles of sizes differing from the standard 'size 1.'

    Mod Spotlight Review

    Thanks to Accionoctem for making a video review of this mod!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. ness87
    Version: V1.0
    I installed the mod but I dont see any Architect's Drafting Tables and any mats for make the graviton
    1. Storm_UK
      Author's Response
      I need to update the mod for the current release - this may take a while as I've had quite a long break from Starbound and lua modding.
  2. Albussystems
    Version: V1.0
    Thanks for this, desperately needed ofc^^
    Everything worky very well!
    The styles are pretty futuristic and nicely done.
    The 3 different sizes make this mod "nearly" complete :D
  3. yelroh
    Version: V1.0
  4. Maverick0n
    Version: V1.0
    Hi, I'm in need of some help here. I downloaded and installed the modpak files using a mod manager. The only difference I am seeing with the game is the drafting table. None of the parts that I need to craft are available in the menu. I already have the MK4 Delta sector upgrade for my ship's map as well. This is my first time using mods btw.
    1. Storm_UK
      Author's Response
      As with all mods that add recipes to tiers that you may have already progressed past, you may need to reuse tech upgrades for previous tiers to unlock them. Tech/sector upgrades are not consumed if you already have used them once before, so keeping a spare set in a chest somewhere is a good idea for any mods you might install in future too.
  5. legal1ze
    Version: V1.0
    pls horizontal tubes!!! :)
    1. Storm_UK
      Author's Response
      Check out my Graviton Rails mod for horizontal travel! :)
  6. Sparrows
    Version: v0.81 .modpak fix
    Excellent mod, my only complaint is that when I change between speeds, the change doesn't seem to propagate between rings properly - I get most of the way up/down the elevator shaft and run into the reverse of the intended setting... even though all of the ring are the exact same distance apart.

    An annoying issue and therefore enough to drop a star off the rating, but still a good mod nevertheless.
    1. Storm_UK
      Author's Response
      Odd, the scripting should tell a pad or ring to delay sending its signal to the next in the chain until that area is loaded. I guess if you are sending along a really long chain, the world area of the ring that was delaying the signal might become unloaded itself and therefore 'forget' before your player character reaches it - can you please post on discussion roughly how long it takes for you to travel up/down to the point where the setting change seems to stall, how long your elevator is overall etc.?
  7. Windcaller
    Version: v0.81 .modpak fix
    Man, these look GREAT! The design is awesome, and this mod seems like it will be VERY useful! Thanks!
  8. legal1ze
    Version: v.071
    Excellent !!! :)
    could you also make us some horizontal ones?
    1. Storm_UK
      Author's Response
      I'm currently experimenting with something for horizontal travel... so watch this space!
  9. thakyZ
    Version: v0.6 New Tiered +
    Love this mod but can you by any chance make it so you can only have 2 modes on the gravitation elevators so that you do not have you switch it on and off 4 times
    1. Storm_UK
      Author's Response
      I think the 3 mode settings are necessary, as they may require power input in future to work at all. I've been thinking about adding a button object though that can be wired to a pad or ring and will switch it between 'normal' and 'low' settings instead.
  10. Gonzoro
    Version: v0.6 New Tiered +
    Great idea