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Good Trade Goods 1.2.1

Adds Crafting using Trade Goods.

  1. FU compatibility fix

    Long time no see!

    Unfortunately I was busy with my work at a company, so I was unable to carry out developing and managing Starbound mods. Now I got some spare time to fix the compatibility issue with the Frackin' Universe.

    For the forum's post link, there will be two .zip file. One for non-FU, the other for FU. Unzip the file you need at the mods folder and it will be ready to go. By the way, it may be very rough but I changed the cost of the FU version since FU's goods prices are much...
  2. Random Weapon Bags and Basic Mech Blueprints crafting

    Random Weapon Bags and Basic Mech Blueprints crafting are added!

    If you have plenty of resources but just don't have any luck getting mech blueprints or weapons, this update is for you! (Well, sort of.)

    1. Random Weapon Bags - crafted at Armory Table
    You can craft Tier 3~6 Random Weapon Bags with...
    - Tier's main metal (Two hand: 6, One hand: 3)
    - Weapons Part

    2. Blueprints of Basic Mech Parts - crafted at Electronics Table
    You can craft Tier 4~6 Basic Mech blueprints. The list are...
  3. Fixed the usage of guns and their balance.

    I got a feedback that not using the energy can actually be a big advantage, and as I played my mod through, I kinda did agree to that.

    So I kinda reduced the originality(?) of the guns and instead made the guns be similar to other ones.

    - You do not have to reload every time you fire. Instead you have pierceshot as right-click ability. The right-click ability only uses energy.
    - Damage per shot is decreased to about half, but instead by using pierceshot you can fill up the nerfed...
  4. GoodTradeGoods Weapons Update!

    It's Good Trade Goods Mod Update!

    By using the modding resource 'Guns N Ammo' made by GTG3000, I was able to add Ranged weapons that uses ammos! The weapons are like below.

    1. Basic Characteristics
    - Three types - Muskets, Crossbows, Pistols.
    - Tiers - 3, 4, 5, 6 (But, they are 1 tier stronger. The reasons will be below.)
    - Crossbows use bolts, Muskets and Pistols use bullets.
    - The two-handed...