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Good Trade Goods 1.2.1

Adds Crafting using Trade Goods.

  1. GoodTradeGoods Weapons Update!

    It's Good Trade Goods Mod Update!

    By using the modding resource 'Guns N Ammo' made by GTG3000, I was able to add Ranged weapons that uses ammos! The weapons are like below.

    1. Basic Characteristics
    - Three types - Muskets, Crossbows, Pistols.
    - Tiers - 3, 4, 5, 6 (But, they are 1 tier stronger. The reasons will be below.)
    - Crossbows use bolts, Muskets and Pistols use bullets.
    - The two-handed guns have two times stronger basic damage because of not having the secondary skill.
    - Special Bullets will be added later on.

    2. Advantages against the vanilla weapons
    - 1 Tier higher = 1 Tier Stronger Damage. (It is to cover the disadvantages of using ammos which leads to constantly spending resources for ammos.)
    - No/Little Energies are used.
    - Special Bullets will be added later on.

    3. Disadvantages against the vanilla weapons
    - The more ammo you use, the more pixels and copper you have to use.
    - Ammo Depletion and Consuming Inventory Space can be irritating.

    4. How to use the gun
    Make a gun and ammo (I suggest making 'x 10's for easy ammo reloading)
    - Stuff your ammo into the gun by picking up the ammo then right clicking the gun. Just like using augments.
    - Pistols & Crossbows: Just fire it till the ammo depletes.
    - Muskets: Right-Click to reload, the Left-Click to fire. Repeat that till the ammo depletes.

    Future plans are...

    1. Different types of weapons and Different ammos for the guns.
    2. Mech Blueprints
    3. Augments' Cost Check
    4. Hostage(Practically a vase that gives items and also spawns NPCs) Contents
    5. Etc.

    From what I know, it will be compatible with most mods since it's not that complicated mod.

    That's all. Have fun playing and please feel free to give feedbacks!


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