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Good Trade Goods 1.2.1

Adds Crafting using Trade Goods.

  1. tio200

    It's Good Trade Goods Mod!

    The mod's purpose is to make trade goods useful even for those who do not like merchant roleplaying. It adds 4 crafting table(made by using the Inventor's Table) for each trade goods and many useful but not overpowered(except the augments... gotta get some feedback about that.) recipes. Just to be sure, they are all vanilla items.

    Each table has the author's personal favored items and other minor but not worthless recipes. Below are summary of that.

    1. Armory Table (Weapon Parts)
    - Random Weapon Bags!
    - Ammo using Weapons (Thanks to 'Guns N Ammo' Mod by GTG3000!)
    - Ammos
    - Consumables: Bombs and Throwing Items. (Requires Titanium Bar(Tier 3), Durasteel Bar(Tier 4), Solarium Star(Tier 6) to unlock all recipes. Just for the consumables.)

    2. Electronics Table (Electronic Parts)
    - Augments(Considering the cost increase for the Legendaries)

    - Mech Materials(Only Tier related ones.)
    - Mech Blueprints(Just basics.)

    3. Farming Table (Food Rations)
    - Foods (Very Few)
    - Ingrediants (Very Basic)
    - Seeds (All the Vanilla Seeds)

    4. Medical Table (Medical Supplies)
    - Bandages
    - Medicines
    - Others (Healing Water, Poison)

    5. How to use Ammo using Weapons
    Make a gun and ammo (I suggest making 'x 10's for easy ammo reloading)
    - Stuff your ammo into the gun by picking up the ammo then right clicking the gun. Just like using augments.
    - Just fire it till the ammo/energy depletes. For two-handed weapons, right-click is the pierce shot(no bullet consuming).

    Since Frackin' Universe uses its own goods item as currency type, I added the FU compatible one. As you download, there will be the original one and the FU compatible one. Install what you need and it will be good to go.

    Other than that, from what I know, it will be compatible with most mods since it's not that complicated mod.

    Also, I'm not planning to add other mods' item recipes since that would make the game too easy. Even if I add something, that would be about the Farming Table or the Medical Table.

    That's all. Have fun playing and please feel free to give feedbacks!
    (I really need feedbacks especially for the augments...)
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.