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Goat People 1.5.3

Them goat people from Undertale! ( W.I.P. )

  1. Guard tenants and bug fix

    yup.. The guards use a gun called Chaos revolver :p and it's got no muzzle flash at the moment. But it will soon. also its id is Chaosrevolver
  2. Tenants!

    Thats all. The object ids for the themed furniture are GoatPersontable GoatPersonchair and GoatPersondoor
  3. Butterscotch cinnamon pie! And Chaos Buster!

    Yup. also adds spider donuts. Item ids are spiderdonut bscotchpie chaosbuster
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  4. Chaos Buster Mini!

    Adds an item. The Chaos buster mini (item id is chaosbustermini) and there are also some slight sprite changes.
  5. Small changes And New Respawn!

    Should fix the problem with ships crashing. also I added a new respawn animation!
    Its the undertale respawn animation from a mod on the steam workshop so don't give me any more credit than due. Soon I might make another race mod that uses some stuff from this. Maybe. Tell me if your interested :p
  6. Got rid of D.E.R.P.

    Yeah... I didn't like it.
  7. Just some more minor changes

    I changed asgores trident to flurry. and some minor texture changes
  8. Armours

    Tier 5 and 6 for all tables.
  9. Texture Changes

    Just some minor texture changes, I changed the eyes and some other stuff.
  10. Undyne's spear

    yeah... Not making an undyne person custom thing, maybe her armour in a future update though


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