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Outdated Glowing Ore 2.1

glowing ore

  1. Patched the lighting.config

    Just as the tile says, I went back and properly patched the lighting config for compatibility.

    I no longer play with these ore edits as others have figured out how to have more subtle glow effects, but I do still play with the lighting changes. I like not being able to see through walls.
  2. Redid the lighting

    There's only one version to pick from now. I updated the lighting.config to bring it back to vanilla lighting configs, but I got rid of the lights' ability to pass through solid objects. I like the feel of this.
  3. Missing Platinum added

    Now obsolete!: Amadox's Illuminated Ores does this better! Awesome job!
    Added the missing platinum ore for whoever still wants my slightly outdated edits.
  4. Fix for "glowing ore (No glowing coal and original vanilla lighting)" file

    Thanks to alepiusaja for catching this. This should be the last fix now before they change the settings on me or add a new ore.
    alepiusaja likes this.
  5. .modinfo file was missing

    Added the .modinfo file that was missing from one of the mod option files. Should work now.
  6. 4 options! Too many options!

    For your convenience there's now 4 options for this mod. I enjoy the one with dark lighting with no glowing coal. Choose the one that works for you.
  7. Glowing coal!

    Added an optional variant of the mod with glowing coal.
  8. Let there be color!

    Got the colors working correctly.