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Outdated Glitchfix 2.0

Trepidation: I don't think that neck is structurally sound.

  1. Feeling upbeat.

    Just bringing this up to date with the new .modpak system. All you'll need to do to update in the future is unpack, change the version in the .modpak file, and re-pack:
    1. (on Windows) Open cmd.exe and point it to your mods folder.
    2. input the following (assuming 64 bit windows; if 32 bit, change accordingly)
      ..\win64\asset_unpacker.exe Glitchfix Glitchfix
    3. open Glitchfix\pak.modpak in your text editor of choice (I suggest Notepad++ myself) and change "Beta v. Upbeat...
  2. Version update.