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Outdated Geocaches (WIP) 0.2a

Interplanetary treasure hunting and "favorites" system.

  1. zaphodthegrate

    I was thinking to myself the other day, "Self, wouldn't it be awesome if Starbound had a favorites window for planets, and I could share part of the list with my friends?" And then I thought, "Also, it would be neat if I could do the same for waypoints on planets..."

    But then I realized something like that could very easily make the game boring for casual players by making it too easy for one good player to find all the fun stuff and advertise its location to the rest of the server. Sure, it probably wouldn't be too difficult to incorporate some kind of UI addition for something like a favorites system, but where's the connection to the in-game universe? How do you relate the technology to the character who is experiencing it? Where's the flair?

    Enter geocaches:


    So, if you don't know what these are, I am about to tell you that there's an ongoing treasure hunt in the real world that never ends and gets ever the more complex as time goes on. And I would bet that right now, you're probably within ten miles of at least one geocache.

    Basically, people hide these things all over the place, and other people look for them. Once they find them, they add their names to the log. You should look up a video on youtube. They're pretty neat.

    Anyway, I thought it might be fun to have an item like that that obscures its function as a favorites/waypoint system while giving the opportunity for players to interact with each other in a fun way.

    WHAT THIS MOD DOES (is supposed to do :b):

    Essentially, you build the geocache crafting station. Then you make a geocache panel. Then you make geocaches.

    When you find a planet or spot that you like, you put a geocache there and then sync its location with the panel. You can then upload that location from the panel to a public list. You don't have to give all of the information; you can put in just the coordinates, the system name, the planet name, or whatever and a short description. Other players use their panel to pull down the public list, and then they go hunting.

    The extra fun part is that the geocaches have up to 9 slots in them. When a player finds one and adds their name to the log, they can then exchange an item of equal or greater pixel value with the one in the geocache. That way the older a geocache is, the more likely it will have great items in it.

    In the future you'll be able to hide geocaches in more sophisticated ways, but that's more like something a mod for this mod would do. Like "devious geocaches" or something. I also want to implement a radar system, but that brings me to...


    Nothing. I mean, I have a working crafting station with its own list, but... I have no idea what I'm doing. The geocaches are pretty much just 9-item chests at the moment. I've left a better description of what I'm trying to accomplish in the README.txt. Oh, that reminds me...


    Why would you want to install this? What, is there not enough furniture in the game already? Well, if you want to, the instructions are in the README.txt in the zip.


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  1. Update: getting closer.

Recent Reviews

  1. oniya
    Version: 0.2a
    hope the later functionality implementation ^^
    good start!
  2. Partack
    Version: 0.2a
    The authors good sense of humor and intricate description of what could be a very useful and entertaining mod, makes for a very good starting point at the very least. Although the mod has no actual content yet, I have faith that the author will make good on their ideas as they seem like a very personable individual. I shall be keeping an eye on this one. :)
  3. severedskullz
    Version: 0.1a
    Nothing actually works. Atleast have a playable state when you upload a mod.
    1. zaphodthegrate
      Author's Response
      But... I said that nothing works... See? Look up.



      Or don't look up. I'm a comment, not a cop.