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Gem race 0.1.0 (Sycophantic Pearl)

From the CN cartoon, "Steven Universe".

  1. Version 0.1.0 (Sycophantic Pearl)

    NEW in Version 0.1.0 (Sycophantic Pearl)!
    - Gem characters now have access to two new objects in the Industrial Workbench (the furniture thingie).
    - Tenants have officially been implemented. Gem tenants require gem furniture (flag, ship doors and such work!) and other objects thematically related to them somehow. For a better effect, use my Portrait Restorer mod.
    - Tenants can be recruited on your ship as their own crew class! For now, they wear the standard colour of clothing which means it could get a bit awkward if you dress them up. I'll switch that around later.
    - Racial armours have now changed appearance (they're subject to change though).
    - A racial mech is in the works but some minor cosmetic adjustments must be made before I make the pieces buyable.
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