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gartfart36's op af weapons! for 1.3.4, ver

the items pack that can improve your vanilla/modded experience!

  1. NOW i fixed it

  2. a cool patch

    i think i fixed the incomplete heavy blade handle not spawning in ship lockers
  3. the durasteel tier

    - added the durasteel broadsword and incomplete variant
    - added the durasteel scimitar
    - added the durasteel dagger
    - changed the sprites of the Osrinity, Ageria, Feroche, and the Vionorna
    - fixed the Osrinity not having a sprite and a damage area.
  4. more cleaning

    i forgot to rename .png files and some other text
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  5. some code cleaning

    changed the item names of the items so another mod (if you have) doesnt get confused because they both have the same items

    for example;

    your mod: "osrinity"

    this mod: "osrinity"

    things like these can cause fatal errors and should be solved quickly.
  6. the titanium tier

    read home page for more
  7. tweak one

    gives a new character a free incomplete heavy blade handle in the shiplocker.
  8. The Tungsten tier

    check home page to see what's added
  9. The iron tier

    added iron melee weapons.
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  10. 1.5.R (part 2)

    added osminite legwear