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Futara's Dragon Race (Revived Out Date Mod From 2014) 1.302b

FutaraDragon, Dragon, Race, Lover

  1. FutaraDragon
    Futara's Dragon Race Mod
    Current Version 1.302b
    [current state beta version](very stable)
    Can be download here

    Special Thank
    - Soma
    - Nikki
    - Sethtnt
    - RoxionDragon
    - Fafnir
    - Feritas
    - Void
    - Kiero Ashkore
    - Fediani4
    - OG Koopa
    - Dragon's clan
    - ErrantWitch
    - Fizz The Moth
    - Nafa [War'Maelon]
    - ☯Bunny Floof☯
    - Kherr
    Credit Some Music Use In Mod
    - Nelson Wong (https://www.youtube.com/user/NelsonWongX)
    Modding Help
    - Silver Sokolova
    - 0x00FF00 (Green)
    - FR4C74LH3X⎔
    - Purrr
    - ChanFoxx
    - Nebulox
    - Fediani4
    - Mikenyes
    - Zancuno
    - Kiero Ashkore
    - Ni Frozenscale
    - Lis
    - ReiikzThe8HeadedDragon
    - Zerisius
    - RoxionDragon
    Mod Tester
    - DrearionDragon
    - Soma
    - Luconis
    - Morg
    - Kiero Ashkore
    - Gixcaririxen
    - 【Hunter】
    - tjw246
    - Winter
    - ChanFoxx
    - Nebulox
    - Fediani4
    - xeronious
    - Simmy3DT
    - Dezmodian
    - Katpwnicorn
    - sethtnt
    - Енот
    - Zerisius
    - OG Koopa
    - BovineDragon
    - SIRoNAME
    - Omega
    - [CDC]cholera
    - RoxionDragon
    - Mini the avali
    - Dekrosna
    - Judgement
    - Gwen Auster
    - Orion
    - lenuell
    - SnowyKuda
    - Flare
    - ☯Bunny Floof☯
    - DJYawe
    - Kherr
    - CrystalSlime
    - LaysDragon
    - ŠpaceChickn
    - Monica
    - Sethie "Bunny" Cake
    Support Developer
    Mod Patreon

    About Mod
    This mod not just a new race. It will change the way you see and play the game forever!
    Are you looking for gameplay that differs from standard Starbound?
    This mod will deliver that very difference you're looking for.
    Play as an actual dragon and support your friend with skills. Don't worry so much about crafting things, but rather helping friends to achieve their goals.

    - Adds the new race "FutaraDragon". An actual 4 legged dragon that's fully recolorable.
    - Adds 100+ new unique systems and mechanics to Starbound, fully compatible with all mods.
    - Adds optimisations to the game, aiming to make the game code update at 60 FPS without any additional optimisation mods/methods.
    - Adds a unique skill menu and RPG system + level system to the game (for this race only).
    - Will not impact other characters. Feel free to safely remove this mod as needed.
    - Added coding API for modders.
    About Dragon Race
    - Health start by 100
    - Energy start by 200
    - Hunger increase a lot
    - Breath start by 300%
    Mod Objective
    - make new system that give to all modder to have ability to use custom animation and custom skill with rpg system
    - built-in race example for modder to use to make they own race
    - fun with dragon
    Mod Progressing
    - add Dracomech
    - add "The path to the steel" mission
    - add story line enemys
    - add story line boss
    - add local map generate mechanics
    - add custom palarax system
    - add match making for mission
    - add skin system (allow everyone can add own animation picture replace default dragon animation with download on workshop)
    Mod Future Plan
    - add mix soul skill (change self as weapon and follow other ally)
    - add dragon grab skill (grab and hold other ally while flying)
    - add revenge shield (path of defend absorb all enemy damage and counter all damage back)
    - add aura of holy skill (path of support aura self effect self and ally to get healing buff over time)
    - add rage crasher skill (path of combat only when full rage transform self to ultimate form ... detail later)
    - add sonic beam saber skill (path of combat long range slash)
    - add wind combo (path of combat multi slash enemy behind when combo finish)
    - ...
    Developer Discord
    - https://discord.gg/3YqyE3B
    Modder Lua Api
    - FDCameraShake(Position,Radius,Momentum)
    - FDCameraDarkShade(Position,Radius,Power,UpTime,Time,DownTime)
    - FDCameraLightShade(Position,Radius,Power,UpTime,Time,DownTime)
    - FDCPUThreadData(ObjectThreadKey,ObjectThreadValue)
    - FDSaveAllData(ForceSave)
    - FDTechTemp()
    - FDTechReturn()
    - ...
    Question & Answer
    - Q : how to pass small area of first FU dungeon ?
    - A : here use this skill https://youtu.be/0cSFTv-Z6TM?t=222

    - Q : for some reason the slash tech I start with does not work.
    - A : craft "CS|SkillMenu" item first or it already in beginning inventory let check it out

    - Q : this mod will make other character crash after uninstall this mod?
    - A : I already tested about install and uninstall my mod with other character, result is not effect to other character
    Mod History
    - Done first alpha version at d4/m1/y2020
    - A lot of research and special thank for StarBound mod community help a lot
    - Start develop from 2014
    - Start by just want to add feral character type to the game and have unique special skill
    Mod Log

    - fix energy matrix use by other race can not hold shift key
    - fix dragon sprite color display not correctly

    Recent Log Here
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. StarBoundMod_TheBeginningOfFutaraDragon.png
    2. Screenshot (10).png
    3. Screenshot (20).png
    4. Screenshot (23).png
    5. Screenshot (25).png
    6. Screenshot (26).png

Recent Reviews

  1. LookMe
    Version: 1.302b
    is that a joke? Why does claw slash is underpower, too low damage and slow attackspeed
    but hit/kill enemies doesnt gives exp (still 0) without admin mode

    Anyway I really like dragon race, I can beat final boss with use them ability >;)
  2. Vazari
    Version: 1.302b
    Жаль не поиграть, только для лицензии из стима, огромный - автору.
  3. VladNuke
    Version: 0.40b
    A great mod, keep it up!
    1. FutaraDragon
  4. cracky6
    Version: 0.40b
    I love this mod! The skill system is pretty awesome, especially in the animation features. (I've never seen anything like that before, I'll say that!)
    The sleeping animation is great, especially when the derg suddenly snaps awake with the alert sound.
    I can't wait until this mod gains some popularity! Even though the customization is limited, it's still pretty decent mod overall. (I mean, the Sergal race has hardly any customization at all and people still think it's great. Somehow.)
    Fire effects are cool, and the listed planned additions sound great!
    Walking speed isn't amazing, but I guessed it was for immersion? And of course, the purpose of the sprint ability.
    Possible suggestion though--the claw slash ability is a bit under-powered at first, making some people use the broken broadsword over the ability because of the higher damage. Maybe slightly buff the starting damage/speed? Just a thought, you don't need to listen to me. I'm not putting any time in creating this after all-
    Well, I hope you have a great day!
    1. FutaraDragon
      Author's Response
      about customize will have feature about realtime character color changer will be release in future do not worry if already create character

      for great experience try to do not use weapon that will make you feel real to hard combat at first level until you can fight everthing from tier 1 to tier 5
  5. White Shadow
    White Shadow
    Version: 0.22b
    This mod is great but i have a question everytime i hit or kill an enemy i get 0 XP.
    1. FutaraDragon
      Author's Response
      1 exp system will not work when use admin mode
      2 update mod will fix the 0 exp problem
  6. ZephyrTFF
    Version: 1.0
    Everything could be better
  7. minecraft_2013_
    Version: 1.0
    i give it 5 stars cus it can git better so i wont to say to Mr Bubbles and icefire82G if ya dont say it in a nice way bye saying (if you could make it ware you can change the colors please) not being realy fing rude so thats what i have to say and to Author FutaraDragon keep up th good work and keep improveing the mod i wold realy like it to be the number one Race mod.
  8. Reilsss
    Version: 1.0
    I think this mod is a good idea, I agree that it does need more development. But the idea is nice, the artwork is nice too for the character. I do credit the autor for trying something diffrent here. And look forward how this could develop into.

    I also could Image this dragon graphics beeing used for a 'pet' mod heh. Well here is a idea.
  9. KieroAshkore
    Version: 1.0
    Hmm...not bad, but this is still a bit rough for a 1.0 version. What I would suggest is to add more scale colors to the race, maybe some elemental breaths, rework the ship, and maybe polish the animations a bit more then I would consider it a version 1.0. I see a lot of potential in this mod and I am hopeful that you will be able make it a good race mod, given that I have been a fan of dragons for a while, but make sure you make it the way you want as you are the author after all. Again, it is not bad for what has been done, but it needs a lot more work before I would consider using it as a permanent character. Also, I know you will be be adding things like armor and weapons for your race later on so I am not going going to push much more on you. In all, 3/5 for effort and creativity.
    1. FutaraDragon
      Author's Response
      sorry about rough mod..
      But I have very limit time for do that, only one hour, I hope I will update very more in the future.
      Thank for feedback.
  10. icefire82G
    Version: 1.0
    Not only is this a self insertation that didn't need to be publicly released, but the art is also terrible. There is really no appeal to this mod other than the fact that it's a dragon. That's it. You can't even customize the colors I mean COME ON. My suggestion is to either remove this mod or revamp it so much that it's not even recognizable. Plus, you should also change the name, because it's also going towards the self insertation. If you want to make a race mod to put your character in the game, fine. Just don't release it to the public without making sure it's up to snuff with the other race mods.