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Fun with Gravitons V3.22

Defying gravity!

  1. Storm_UK

    Also available on Steam Workshop here.

    Not long ago, core ore fragments from deep within a planet were discovered to have interesting properties, emitting particles known as Gravitons.

    From these, scientists eventually created Graviton Magnifiers, a technology which proved to have numerous applications. The first of these were used in creating anti-gravity elevators, but today a number of different devices have been invented that utilize them.


    The latest technology to utilize the Graviton Magnifier is the Graviton Manipulation Tool, or Gravmanipulator. This is designed for use aboard space stations, connecting with the stations gravity control console.
    By marking areas with proto-gravitons or 'hoovering' such up, the stations artificial gravity generator is able to detect and create a stable gravity field within those areas. [Left click marks a selected area as having gravity, whilst Right click creates a Zero-G area.]

    The gravmanipulator also allows the user to set whether a tile or an object is under the stations protective field. [Shift + Left click to add or remove protection to the selected tile]. Note that you should also protect those tiles to which an object is anchored (such as those under a chair or above and below a door) to fully protect that object from potential breakage.

    The selection area for the quantum proto-graviton manipulation can be cycled in size, allowing more precise control for of the gravity field. [Hold Shift + Right click to cycle from 1x1 to 5x5 tiles in area of effect.]

    [ This tool can be constructed at a Graviton Table. ]


    One of my other mods, More Tiles and Greebles, will be required to construct these devices.

    You will be able to make a Graviton Table at an upgraded Inventors Table Table, from which you can construct the various Gravpad, Gravring and Force Field Models.

    [​IMG] Graviton Magnifiers can be made at the Wiring Station as well as at a Graviton Table.

    These Models come in a number of styles, which are currently Titanium, Durasteel, Serene, Geometric, Wave, Opulent, Doom and Executive tiered Gravpads and Gravrings, each in Tiny, Small, Medium, Large and XL model sizes.

    Gravpads are recommended at the base of all graviton ring elevator shafts.



    An alternative to the Gravpads and Gravrings, Gravshafts are up to 30 tiles in height (resizing to fit the maximum available space leading from their anchor point.)


    A Gravshaft Control Unit can be used to control the direction of travel, cycling from up - down - off when interacted with. Wiring up the Control Unit allows more discerning control. An additional input node controls the objects extendable platform.

    Gravshaft Control Units and Gravshafts signal adjoining gravshafts to change direction to match, needing no wiring between them.



    For speedy horizontal travel, Gravrails can be utilized. Also constructed at the Graviton Table a gravrail covers up to 30 tiles in length (resizing to fit the maximum available space leading out from their anchor point.)


    A Gravrail Control Unit is used to control the direction of travel, cycling from right - left - off on interaction. Wiring up the Control Unit allows more discerning control.

    Gravrail Control Units and Gravrails signal adjoining gravrails to change direction to match, needing no wiring between them.


    Also available are Force Field doors, which allow only one way travel. These can be turned on and off via interaction only from the side that allows passage (unless the on/off input node is wired up, in which case can only be turned on/off via that nodes wire signal.) They come in the same styles as the elevator objects.

    They have two input nodes and two output nodes. The left side nodes are for On/Off (false = force field active or true = inactive) and the right side nodes for Direction (false = allow travel right or true = allow travel left.)

    gravitontable.png GRAVITON TABLE

    Constructing Graviton Pads, Rings, Rails and Force Fields

    The various objects can all be constructed at the Graviton Table, and each requires a Graviton Magnifier, a Silicon Board and a number of the relevant metal panels from the More Tiles and Greebles mod.

    Graviton Elevator Power Settings
    Interacting with a pad or ring will cause it to cycle between two settings - Low and High.
    • Low ('Off' input/output): The Low setting projects a graviton field downwards, with rings propelling things that pass through them at a speed under terminal velocity.
    • High ('On' input/output): At the High setting the pad/ring projects a graviton field upwards. The better the model tier, the stronger the graviton field.
    In addition, when you change the setting on a Graviton Pad or Ring, it will scan for the nearest other such device (of matching model size and class) within range. If another is found, a signal is sent which synchronizes settings with the first interacted device.

    On receiving a signal and changing setting, the receiving device will in turn scan for and signal any matching device in the same direction, propagating the new setting up and down a whole chain of Graviton devices.

    The final rings in a chain at top and bottom have a reduced graviton field for safety.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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    Version: v2.03
    Best elevators ever !
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    Version: V1.01 GG
    Sorta got it working. it would help to see a working graviton lift.
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    Version: V1.01 GG
    They simply don't work :| waste of my time
    1. Storm_UK
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      What is the apparent problem? Could you post your SB log file in discussion thread?
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    Man, you made my day.
    I waited for him.
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      Happy Easter :)