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Outdated Full Custom Signs (Deprecated) 1.3.1 (Upbeat Giraffe)

Make your own custom signs! Animated! Wired! Now with full RGBA support and a snazzy interface!

  1. Slimmer File

    Cut down to under a megabyte so the website will take it.
  2. Some UI tweaks, more adjustable, and lighting

    Some minor UI tweaks. Now the color-picker is brought up in it's own sub-window with the button which previously let you manually enter the RGB.

    Also, the signs now support lighting. Each animation frame can have its own light. The brightness of this light is proportional to the "lightness" of the color used, rather than any other variable, so if you give it straight white light expect it to illuminate a very large area.

    External download this time, because playstarbound.com is being funky...
  3. Rework for Unstable

    Using the new script canvas, this update completely re-imagines the sign-creation process. Now signs are crafted at the EASEL machine, which presents some nice new possibilities over the old floating-image-tech method. To whit:
    • Full pallet support! Draw with any colors you like, including alpha channel support.
    • Template slots! Store up to 7 previous sign configurations, to be loaded and manipulated freely. These are unique to each machine, and persist across destruction and...
  4. Provisional Nightly Update

    Big rewrite with nightly tech. Uses different sign assets from the old version, so you can move this into that and it should work out unless the old assets are just in general incompatible. Might have bugs, much like the nightlies.

    -Processor use is drastically optimized
    -Wired and Container signs are no longer incompatible
    -100 inventory icons to choose from! Customize sign by sign
    -Now you can copy signs (not old ones though). Activate the tech while an existing sign is under the...
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  5. Animations and frames, wires and containers

    A bunch of new functionality.
    -Now all customization is done with a nice button-filled interface.
    -Signs are animated! Spool up different frames and watch it play. Can get a bit off with low framerates though.
    -There is a choice of backgrounds for each sign. The "Parchment" is my favorite, but transparent could make fun things.
    -Choice of intelligent frames, they go away when placed next to foreground tiles/other signs! Self-updating too.
    -Skip the step of labeling your chests, signs can...