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Outdated Full Custom Signs (Deprecated) 1.3.1 (Upbeat Giraffe)

Make your own custom signs! Animated! Wired! Now with full RGBA support and a snazzy interface!

  1. Rework for Unstable

    Using the new script canvas, this update completely re-imagines the sign-creation process. Now signs are crafted at the EASEL machine, which presents some nice new possibilities over the old floating-image-tech method. To whit:
    • Full pallet support! Draw with any colors you like, including alpha channel support.
    • Template slots! Store up to 7 previous sign configurations, to be loaded and manipulated freely. These are unique to each machine, and persist across destruction and replacement!
    All old signs will, unfortunately, stop functioning correctly - but you should be take them down off the wall and scan them into the EASEL, thereby creating new and better signs from their bones!

    Go build an EASEL at you nearest Metalworking Station today!
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