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Outdated Full Custom Signs (Deprecated) 1.3.1 (Upbeat Giraffe)

Make your own custom signs! Animated! Wired! Now with full RGBA support and a snazzy interface!

  1. Provisional Nightly Update

    Big rewrite with nightly tech. Uses different sign assets from the old version, so you can move this into that and it should work out unless the old assets are just in general incompatible. Might have bugs, much like the nightlies.

    -Processor use is drastically optimized
    -Wired and Container signs are no longer incompatible
    -100 inventory icons to choose from! Customize sign by sign
    -Now you can copy signs (not old ones though). Activate the tech while an existing sign is under the cursor
    -Signs will remember where they were in their animation cycles between loads
    -A little bit closer to full color palette support too. Not there yet, the UI can't handle it
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