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Frontier Expansion 1.4

More Novakid Furniture!

  1. A Small but Long Overdue Update

    Hey! I haven't left this mod for dead!
    Major Changes:
    • updated almost all the mod's sprites. most aren't all that drastic save for those pictured above.
    • of course, I did add a few new objects. as always, the IDs are below
    miningemblem, mininglamp, paintingexpectingtrouble, rootpopad, minecartores

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  2. New Shipments!

  3. The General Store!

    Hey guys! We've got a few new objects today (but ideas are wearing thin - please send suggestions!)
    frontierwagon, frontierstove,frontiercanister, and lumberpile

    as well, by popular demand, a way to spawn in these items without admin commands or the Tabula Rasa: The General Store!
    create this building at your Inventor's Table today!
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  4. Whoops!

    The mod uploader ate the last update, I believe. Hopefully this one fixes the new items not showing up.
  5. Big Ticket Items + Support!

    Hey! We're not done yet! We've got a few new items to round out your Novakid Settlement!
    fe expansion update.png
    chickencoop, mooshistable, applebarrel, frontiercarriage, minecart, minecartcoal, minecarttreasure, and sheriffsemblem

    Those first two are also fully animated! I hope you enjoy them!

    As well, included is the means for us to have support with @NeoVanAlemania's...