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Frontier Expansion 1.4

More Novakid Furniture!

  1. A Small but Long Overdue Update

    Hey! I haven't left this mod for dead!
    Major Changes:
    • updated almost all the mod's sprites. most aren't all that drastic save for those pictured above.
    • of course, I did add a few new objects. as always, the IDs are below
    miningemblem, mininglamp, paintingexpectingtrouble, rootpopad, minecartores

    Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
    • compressed all image files. hopefully it'll help save space and speed up load time​
    • minor text edits​
    • removed the Frontier Stove object. I'd forgotten the Cabin Stove existed which is basically the same thing and better looking.​
    Other / Important Notes:
    • I'll try not to let the mod sit this long again without warning everybody first. Please, keep your suggestions a-coming!​
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