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Frontier Expansion 1.4

More Novakid Furniture!

  1. New Shipments!

    Drop by the General Store today and pick up some new stock! (a special thanks to luna_panshiel, wakaiyukiko, 暴走的南瓜, and Plex_Director for their suggestions on a few of the objects here - more to come on the other ones later!)
    frontierdiningchair, frontiertablelarge, frontiertablesmall, frontiertv, frontiervanity, frontierwatertower, miningrack, mooshihide, mooshiplush, mooshiskull, narrowcrate, oldportrait, rubblepile, saloonbartop, tntcrate, trainhead

    I've also taken the liberty to redo most of the mod's object icons.
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