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FrackinUniverse 5.4.772

Enhance your starbound experience in every area. Massive mod.

  1. 5.4.772

    • Experiment: most FU crewmembers that have armor sets now use the stat bonuses from their armor in addition to the stats they inherit from you. This makes them much more effective in combat overall. Please inform if they are too good now, though early tests so far are fairly favorable. Note that they do still lose some base protection and damage to compensate for player bonuses as per usual.
    • Lovelius Smythe has increased damage and...
  2. 5.4.771

    Minor update. You can skip this for now. Literally nothing here but visual changes:

    • oonforta now glows via fullbright
    • pasaka now glows via fullbright
    • Fungal biomes have more plant options spawning naturally
    • Fungal parallax adjustments to saturation, brightness, odd clipping, and the frontal mushroom layer is lowered
  3. 5.4.77

    • corrected Cell armor regeneration to be 4% as intended, rather than the 1% it was actually providing

    • all Expanded Weapon Generation weapons RanGen have had slight balance adjustments and should no longer be absolutely superior to vanilla offerings.

    • completely revamped the look of the Fungal biome (Duskkitty and myself)...
  4. 5.4.7631

    * fixes Isogen Rapier not appearing at its station
  5. 5.4.763

    * added Molecular Nano-Fibre as a resource for t5/t6 to encompass items not covered by golden fleece
    * Mutavisk Nano-Fibre renamed to Bio-Thread
    * Mutavisk/Bio thread recipe no longer produces 2 thread
    * removed Cybersphere terraformer, as it wasnt supposed to exist in the first place as a craftable.
    * Reworked Precursor armor stats and recipe
    * Azun armor crit bonus reduced from 8% to 3%
    * Precursor Armor:
    * now unlocks only from blueprints
    * gains Pressure protection
    * Crit bonus...
  6. 5.4.7621

    minor fix: corrects spawner issue with precursor warbot
  7. 5.4.762

    • steve stole your cereal
    • solarium katana is once again 2h as intended
    • the Insanity debuff got a little bit weirder and more annoying...
    • precursor microdungeons have been relocated to precursor surface and underground biomes
    • per authors request, Faleni have been pulled from FU. You can grab them over at https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/the-faleni-mothia.4830/
      Note that this will screw up any crew/tenants of those races. Likely errors, but...
  8. 5.4.761

    • Fixes bug where players with negative cosmic resistance would glitch on Atropus planets due to an improper color hex.

    • irradium rifle does proper damage type

    • irradium rifle alt now causes damage to things that touch the barrier, and causes Radiation Burn

    • added Giant Scented Apiary

    • added unique Contributor mace weapon: "Facebreaker". (Junosato)

    • katana changes:
      • katanas have a slightly greater pause after their combo to prevent hard-locking enemies a...
  9. 5.4.752

    • Hailstrike visuals updated (Mikenno)
    • fixes an issue with the Monster collection due to a missing frame
    • laser hooks and elder hook now cause poison and damage on targets in their path
    • ice axe can now do 5 damage and cause bleeding and gains +1 range
    • added aiming to FU fist weapons and increased attack speed (inspired by ThatThunderCookie)
    • fist weapon damage increased
    • adjusted swooshes on fist weapons
    • Hell Claw sprites properly framed. The rear fist should no...
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  10. 5.4.75hotfix

    corrects "embers" in place of "ember" weather