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FrackinUniverse 5.6.245

Enhance your starbound experience in every area. Massive mod.

  1. 5.4.75

    • credits.txt updated
    • added dyability to lab tiles (Imri)
    • added ludicrous Massacre Blade upgrade to the Chain Blade. Obtained via Cosmic Crucible. (Mikenno)
    • added numerous new precursor objects
    • reduced Lunari mech arm damage from base 1.2 to base 0.7
    • removed duplicate calls for canned food from the merchant pool
    • nano-tether recipe updated
    • Protectorate Pistol (upgrade form Damaged Pistol in the Armory) increased to tier 2, and its upgrades have been made more apparent (via crucible)
    • reskinned Polaris, and cleared up a lua error on its projectile
    • Precursor Girder tiles now have radiant lighting
    • Gem bob on the Crucible has been slowed significantly
    • added 7 additional precursor microdungeons
    • vanilla packs should now all have an augment slot (adaxe)
    • fixed wand animations (tamamo89)
    • more Kherae weapon magic
    • corrected a typo in fieldofsugar having a bad spawn (PParrot)
    • ghast brain spawns reduced on atropus worlds
    • spout fixed
    • added missing crewshop crafting icon
    • you can now craft coffee machines
    • Kevin stole your dads pants and replaced them with leeches
    • iron rapier updated (Frann)
    • gold rapier updated (Frann)
    • added Quietus Rapier (Frann)
    • added warspinner (dubShoe)
    • added quietus boomerang (dubShoe)
    • added Farsight (uxie)
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