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FrackinUniverse 5.4.963

Enhance your starbound experience in every area. Massive mod.

  1. rafa-rafi
    Version: 5.0.91
    The best mod i had see in my life after tremor from terraria
  2. LaurensLaugh
    Version: 5.0.9
    Great, love the graphics and it al works together. Unfortunately I kinda loved the character-glowing.

    I really would like to see a liquid/(loose sand etc) multiplier 'block', like on The Sandbox iOS Game. When placed it produces a given(?) instance like water or gas or a monster spawn point. (just thinking out of the box, could be fun to produce a waterfall or some sorts).

    And creating a so called 'Mareel' effect, glowing particles lying on the floor.

    1. sayter
      Author's Response
      there are water pumps to create waterfalls already :) just need an intake and output and a switch.
  3. Denemcam
    Version: 5.0.87
    This mod is awesome, thank you!
  4. Arican420
    Version: 5.0.61
  5. Checker
    Version: 5.0.42
    I love this mod 10/10, but can you add compatibility with Enhanced Body Shape? Sorry with my bad English.
    1. sayter
      Author's Response
      how is it not compatible with enhanced body shape? all that mod does is add a replacement body graphic as far as I know. FU doesnt edit the basic bodies of races....so...whats the issue? No plans to add anything related to it , as a result.
  6. EmberTheFlareon
    Version: 5.0.26
    Honestly, this is probably the biggest and best mod for Starbound I have ever seen. It triples what you can do and see in game and I love that.
    It truly adds diversity to deep space.
  7. kurtaxl13
    Version: 5.0.255
    Great addition to vanilla! I also learned how to use git because of this lol
  8. Luthor614
    Version: 5.0.24
    Just getting back in to Starbound now and I need to say wow @Sayter, just WOW! I remember when this mod first started and has it ever progressed. Might I add, that Science Outpost of yours is literally the best building EVER.

    Cheers dude and keep up the amazing moddinf!
  9. gartoden
    Version: 5.0.235
    Where do I post a f###### thread about a bug????
    The mod is great, yes.
    I think it is compatible with Avikan and Extra dungeons mods.
    The thing is !!! When I go to a certain planet, "slime" planet I think it is, the description reads as : "Slime forms almost this entire planet. Huge nocturnal creatures detected" . I was very excited to find out how "huge" this creatures are, as for now I haven't encountered any big mob in the game (IMO a feature much needed). Well, when I take a few steps around the planet, the game bugs for 2 seconds and I am beamed back to my ship.
    I deleted the other mods, only leaving FU, to try and find a solution, so I think (not sure) that FU needs an update to this bug ?
    1. sayter
      Author's Response
      bug reporting instructions are listed first thing on the mods description, man. Follow the instructions. And yea, I am aware of the slime world thing. Simply travel to a new one. It's trying to load a spawn I removed in the last update
  10. Namxe
    Version: 5.0.235
  11. Kyonus
    Version: 5.0.235
    Just Good is not enought , is Fantastic @.@
  12. pRaGamer
    Version: 5.0.18
    Nice Nice Nice
  13. JeanBandit
    Version: 5.0.17b
    My favorite mod!
  14. charizard322
    Version: 5.0.17b
    this is the best mod ever
  15. crazygreggy
    Version: 5.0.17b
    ^This has matured into a polished and must have addition to the base game - I heartily recommend it to all as it provides so much new content that is beautifully constructed and just gosh darn fun. Kudos to Sayter and his team of code gremlins.
  16. Phellesto Faust
    Phellesto Faust
    Version: 5.0.16
    At first I was skeptical about this mod. It seemed to be adding quite an amount of content and changes, which at the time was practically unappealing to me. Since it would have caused the relatively simple and fun game of Starbound to be harder.

    But I gave it a chance, after acquiring Cutebound for the Aesthetics, and then XS and ZZ Mechs for the glorious Mechs. And I was glad I did give this Mod a chance, and now I can't even play Vanilla Starbound at all.

    Initially the Mod was confusing, so much things to do, so much to find out. But after an hour or so of blundering around, I found my beat and started to enjoy the mechanics of the game. Though I am still confused about the entire new resources added, the added variety of things you can do, find and acquire is a great thing.

    Hell they even have more furniture added, and the armor and weapons are so damn glorious. But of course the added mobs are strong too, to the point that most of the mechs on my arsenal would need to use their instant kill moves, which isn't too fun.

    My favorite thing about this mod has to be the Elder Furniture. The lovecraftian statues and bits is now my primary decoration for my lunar castles, and I do wish there are more lovecraftian themed decorations. And perhaps Elder Bees maybe?

    A lot of fun can be had with this mod, and I can only hope that this mod would add more new things! (Elder stuff pls.)

    Though beware the gigantic bees. They're not fun to deal with at all.

    But aside from that, 10/10. Force your friends to use this mod and enjoy the pain and suffering of acquiring resources.
  17. koonou
    Version: 5.0.14
    NICE mod!
  18. nefrem
    Version: 5.0.121
    First : sorry for my english
    Second : thank you for your incredible work. Every update make FU better and cleaner
    End word : please, please, update the bee's icons. They are awful :-)
  19. yukeee
    Version: 5.0.121
    Man, I mean... That's brilliant. Brilliant. I'm in love. 11/10
  20. Tini_weni
    Version: 5.0.101
    Fantastic, regularly updated, it's just a Must Have Mod.