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FrackinUniverse 6.1.36

Enhance your starbound experience in every area. Massive mod.

  1. sayter
    Please attach your starbound.log file, without it I cannot diagnose the problem.
    It can be found in starbound/storage/starbound.log. Open it, copy the contents to pastebin.com and attach that link to me in the forums or a PM.

    Note: If you do not have 1.4 of starbound installed, you cannot use FU. It will not work. Buy the game.

    Other Note: You no longer need FrackinRaces if you use FrackinUniverse. Having both installed will crash you.

    INCOMPATIBLE MODS: https://frackinuniverse.miraheze.org/wiki/Incompatible


    companion add-on:

    want to help but can't code? Try adding to the

    Want to support the project with donations? Click here: https://www.patreon.com/sayter

    Discord Server: https://discord.gg/eV9dP4w


    The absolutely most recent build here:

    for detailed instructions on using and keeping up to date with the GitHub version read Xylia's guide here: http://community.playstarbound.com/threads/how-to-update-with-github.123937/


    SAIL changes for modded races/ships : https://github.com/xn-5o8h/FUSAILModdedRaceSupport

    If using *modded* races, you will want the FU BYOS addon here https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/official-fu-byos-modded-race-patch.5094/

    For install/uninstall and game version information click the spoiler. Note that this mod may impact existing characters. Start a NEW character for it so you don't ruin your favorite avatar. You've been warned.

    Below in the spoiler are some important notes on installation, compatibility , etc. Ignore them at your peril.

    To install: Place the unzipped folder in the base Starbound/mods/ directory

    New install and can't see the new biomes?: View the star-system navigation screen. Scroll until it says "Processing". That should be a fresh enough area to generate the new worlds.

    If you wish to uninstall the mod, you must delete your universe (and probably your characters as well, if you are wearing tons of FU gear).

    Included Mods you don't need from elsewhere:
    Augment Extractor
    Harvester Beamgun
    Dungeoneer Dungeons
    Patchwork Hair
    Enhanced Weapon Generation
    Legacy Dungeons
    Extra Dungeons
    Memento Mori
    Slime Race
    Kirhos Race
    Mantizi Race

    Mods that go great with FU:
    Elithian Races
    Avali Triage

    Attribution: see included credits file


    The largest mod for Starbound, FrackinUniverse combines new biomes, a hugely increased crafting system, science, monsters, tiles and hundreds of other assets to the game. It's 5 years in the making now, and quite huge. A few things to expect:
    • Explore dozens of new biomes​
    • Create hundreds of new armors, weapons and tools that round out the vanilla tiers, or add "side-grades" with varied stats but unique stat bonuses, effects and abilities​
    • 100+ new monsters​
    • Thousands of new tiles, decorations, craftables and more​
    • Hundreds of microdungeons, quests, and a new quest hub​
    • Massive end-game dungeons​
    • Unique techs and augments​
    • Completely revamped game mechanics​
    • Custom crew members with FU specific buffs to make your adventuring life much easier​
    • Vast array of new effects, both helpful and hazardous​
    • Reworked mech stats​
    • Rebalanced defense, attack and combat stats​
    • New combat abilities​
    • Brand new weapon types​
    • and much, much more!​




    FU will change several aspects of vanilla play, in terms of survival (see EPP notes below for a specific example) and has a learning curve. Some find the learning curve rather steep. Others do not. So bear this in mind.
    • Starting missions after Graduation Day are different. You will *require* a fresh universe and character for best results. You will not recieve all content otherwise.​
    • Your character will no longer possess a light aura in darkness, as darkness is an important part of many parts of FU.​
    • Walking on certain tile types will produce various effects. Slowed walking in mud, slipping on ice...burning on hot rocks, etc. Be prepared.​
    • If you can't figure out a recipe....build all the basic materials you can. Generally you're likely to be missing something in the progression and inadvertently trying to skip a step.​
    Play through the mod, work through the techs (including the genetically engineered plants!), and create stuff. Intro-level things unlock other things, and everything builds up until you are a kick-ass name-taking machine of destruction and SCIENCE.


    For a detailed guide on how to use the included automation systems in FU, refer to this guide:

    Q: How do I tell if it's working?
    A: Quite simple. When you launch starbound, look at the main menu screen. Do you see "Powered by Frackin Universe"? If so, you're good to go!

    Q: Will this work on a server?
    A: Read : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=734496146&searchtext=Frackin+Universe

    Q: How do I run a server?
    A: Read : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=735510285

    Q: Do I need to delete my characters and universe before I start? Will it work with the character I already have?
    (or any possible variation of this question)
    A: No, you do not.
    However, you will need to travel a fair ways away on your starmap in order to generate the new biome types. Generally a few seconds will do. So yes, it will work with your existing character. I recommend a clean universe, personally, but that's only if you absolutely want to have FU planets right near your starting location.

    Q: I seem to be taking forever to generate my starting planets. It's in warp for like...ever.
    A: Starbound is generating a universe and looking for a starting system that fits exact specifications. Because FU adds so many biomes it increases the time it takes to find the setup. I recommend visiting the Science Outpost when this happens, which can be triggered from your shiplocker items. By the time you come back you'll have your starting planet visible and a quest to begin!

    Q: Where do I find (ITEM NAME)?!?!?!
    A: Everything has a source. You just need to figure out what that source is. That's part of the mod. Exploration, experimentation...just seeing what sort of things lead to others and eventually ending up with a hard-core science lab. The wiki link given on this page right after the FAQ is a good source of information.

    Q: Does FU add quests/missions or bosses?
    A: Yes

    Q: Does FU affect the main storyline or game progression?
    A: No. The only true progression change is with EPP packs (see above sections for info on that). Otherwise you can progress exactly as normal through the base game.

    Q: I can't find something on the Wiki
    A: The wiki is player maintained. So, if you find something missing you can feel free to add it in.

    Q: My EPP pack isn't working
    A: Yes it is. Read the mod description information above for more details about how they operate now.

    If for some reason you want to hurl money at me for my labors: https://www.patreon.com/sayter
    Wiki (player maintained): https://frackinuniverse.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page
    Don't use the Fandom one. It's trash, and so is Fandom.

    CF Forum version found here: http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/frackinuniverse.2920/
    GitHub project version location is here: https://github.com/sayterdarkwynd/FrackinUniverse

    A great number of mods and features in FU are from contributors or other authors. Check out the included credits.txt here: https://github.com/sayterdarkwynd/FrackinUniverse/blob/master/_FUcredits.config or visit https://github.com/sayterdarkwynd/FrackinUniverse for info​
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Updates

  1. 6.1.36
  2. 6.1.35
  3. 6.1.34

Recent Reviews

  1. xintha
    Version: 6.1.34
    up new
  2. darklaguna
    Version: 6.1.34
    This is an awesome mod. However, you might want to think about optimizing your code. The newer versions of this mod cause microstutter (and occasionally straight up freezes for a second or two), likely from all the new scripts it's running. I understand you might have a good PC, but some of us can't afford a new mobo and CPU just to run this game, especially with the chip and hardware shortages nowdays. In the meantime, I'm using an older release of the mod; an i5 that can run AAA games and even processor heavy games like modded Rimworld without stutter shouldn't be having issues with a single mod added to the vanilla game.
    1. sayter
      Author's Response
      I had a garbage PC and managed to run FU just fine for years with low to no stutter. The impact of FU on a system is not overly hard, honestly. Lower-end PCs -can- be impacted but generally speaking that only happens when people go crazy with powered machines and wiring (or when using dozens of other mods in addition.) With the scope of changes added, this is by and large unavoidable given the API we have to work with. None the less, your criticism is fair, as some are indeed affected. Thanks for playing!
  3. Ethan Sam
    Ethan Sam
    Version: 6.1.34
    I've always had a few gripes with FU, but I gravely dislike the new research stuff. Is there a way to disable it like racial abilities, or at least make everything researched? Even admin mode won't let you skip through it. Other than that its a wonderful mod, but the research is getting on my nerves.
    1. sayter
      Author's Response
      No. It's a key part of progression, and research is essential to keeping it organised and paced properly. Disabling it simply isn't possible. The old progression method led to a ton of lag, and a completely disorganized and untrackable progression. You -can- admin yourself research to fast-track it, though. If you're savvy, we have "cheat" codes in the code base for dev use that can also adjust that pacing quite a bit.
  4. greenRAM
    Version: 6.1.33
    Tried it out again and the new changes are all rad. The research trees help a lot. The changes to the bees system is fun. I'm still not a fan of the BYOS ships, but being able to upgrade the ship's stats with new engines and crew was pretty fun. I really like the design of the Uros IV BYOS ship.
  5. Mmartin12
    Version: 6.1.30
    I love this modpack. Might you want to put in a handheld terminal?
    1. sayter
      Author's Response
      Wouldn't be possible: it relies on the wire connection to operate! Wish we could.
  6. SOP31
    Version: 6.1.29
    A permanent Staple in Starbound gaming
  7. Renjmon
    Version: 6.1.28
    This mod well complements and diversifies the "vanilla" game.
    But there are too many specific races to play with. Plus, stability-compatibility is in great doubt regarding other modifications.
    1. sayter
      Author's Response
      We're pretty stable, so long as you consult the provided incompatible list on the wiki! We make sure folks have that available to reduce their issues from the start. Thanks for playing!
  8. the3rdkira
    Version: 6.1.28
    Pros: Suprasses vanilla game in almost every aspect, total rework of game with a huge amount of new, high quality content. Adds much of replayability to the somewhat lacking base game.

    Cons: Overcomplicated crafting tree, overwhelms player with a large amount of information at start, worse learning curve compared to original game.
    1. sayter
      Author's Response
      Fair criticism, especially if you are not a reader by nature. This is largely by design, and understandably not everyone's cup of tea:)
  9. StarFAmed
    Version: 6.1.23
    The best overhaul i have seen in years you can play it without finishing starbound and it will still makes since its literately the best rework of starbound i have seen just i wish more mods can be compatible with FrackinUniverse
  10. Drakkus
    Version: 6.1.23
    Genuinely love this mod, been playing since well before the beevamp and I had too many characters running around too far ahead to get the final steps done in any timely manner, so I said screw it, and made a new character. The research tree, while I didn't like it at first what with all I needed to get through on old characters, is a FANTASTIC system for just starting the game. It's very straightforward and understandable, plus, past experience reminds me of where to make the stuff I need, so it's just like wow, I love this. Speaking of starting afresh, I have a stream that I do Wednesdays playing FU, and yelling at the fuzzy bastard on your starter planet, would love if you'd come and say hi/give verbal support! twitch.tv/drakkus28
    1. sayter
      Author's Response
      ill check the stream out during work this week maybe:)