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FrackinUniverse 5.6.206

Enhance your starbound experience in every area. Massive mod.

  1. sayter

    Please attach your starbound.log file, without it I cannot diagnose the problem.
    It can be found in program files/steam/steamapps/starbound/storage/starbound.log. Open it, copy the contents to pastebin.com and attach that link to me in the forums or a PM.

    Note: FU now includes some races. You will require a Character Extender mod like Xbawks.


    companion add-on:

    want to help but can't code? Try adding to the

    Want to support the project with donations? Click here: https://www.patreon.com/sayter

    Discord Server: https://discord.gg/eV9dP4w

    For BYOS (Build Your Own Ship) features in FU with custom player-made races, you need this: https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/fu-byos-modded-race-patch.5094/


    The absolutely most recent build here, if you don't care about modpack format: (note that you MUST rename the folder after you extract it, to FrackinUniverse. Or it won't work)

    for detailed instructions on using and keeping up to date with the GitHub version read Xylia's guide here: http://community.playstarbound.com/threads/how-to-update-with-github.123937/


    For install/uninstall and game version information click the spoiler. Note that this mod may impact existing characters. Start a NEW character for it so you don't ruin your favorite avatar. You've been warned.

    Below in the spoiler are some important notes on installation, compatibility , etc. Ignore them at your peril.

    To install: Place the unzipped folder in the base Starbound/mods/ directory

    New install and can't see the new biomes?: View the star-system navigation screen. Scroll until it says "Processing". That should be a fresh enough area to generate the new worlds.

    If you wish to uninstall the mod, you must delete your universe (and probably your characters as well, if you are wearing tons of FU gear).

    Included Mods you don't need elsewhere:
    Augment Extractor
    Harvester Beamgun
    Dungeoneer Dungeons
    Patchwork Hair
    Enhanced Weapon Generation
    Legacy Dungeons
    Extra Dungeons
    Memento Mori

    Mods that go great with FU:
    Elithian Races
    Avali Triage
    Startech (and StardustLib)
    Startech FU addon

    Mod Team/Contributors

    Sayter - The bossman.
    renbear - code overlord
    NotMrFlibble- code legionairre
    DarkPursuer - skillful art monster
    CariTheKitty - Community Manager
    PParrot - Code
    Lucca - Code
    cat2002 - Code

    Attribution: see included credits.txt file

    What is Frackin' Universe?
    Formerly "Frackin' Flora", it has been re-branded as Frackin'Universe because the scope is so much larger than I'd initially intended. It is a "catch-all" mod that enhances almost every major area of starbound play in some fashion.

    The primary focus is gene-engineering your own plants, each with their own qualities and uses to make play more interesting. Want a plant to allow you to hover when eaten? Done. Need protection from radiation? There's one for that , too. The sky is the limit!

    But that isn't all Frackin' Universe offers. It adds a huge variety of new content in the form of items, craftables, biomes, weather, liquids, terrain, monsters, quests and just about every other facet of the game! And that's not all! It is constantly evolving. New features appear almost every update!


    note: FrackinUniverse will remove your player-characters light aura. Dark will be very dark without a light of some sort.

    Your Lab

    Success in FrackinUniverse relies on a well stocked laboratory. Each station serves it's own purpose and you'll need each in order to complete all possible research. With hundreds upon hundreds of possible creations you'll never run out of things to do!

    Powered Stations

    Additionally, there are an array of stations that generate or require power. Typically these are powerful and worth the use, but not mandatory in any way. You'll find they help increase production time, or produce more resources for your crafting uses. Others simply provide handy effects or protection.

    Missions, Dungeons and Bosses

    FU adds dozens of new missions, several bosses and minibosses, and a heap of other new content (including more than 120 new microdungeons) to your exploration. Conquer the horrible Shoggoth, or take on Novakid Outlaws. Solve complex puzzles for great rewards, and so much more!

    Item Transfer Network

    FU allows automation of production via the Item Transfer Network. With it you can set up complex systems to allow machines to autostock, produce, store and otherwise move items around your base without your need to directly interfere. It's extremely powerful, but has a learning curve.


    FU completely reworks mecha. They have mass, and that mass directly relates to their speed and how much impact they have on the landscape. Heavier mechs can crush things underfoot (including terrain), but move slower and lose their regeneration. Light mechs move faster, jump higher and regenerate, but have little terrain impact or stomp damage.

    The Plants

    And of course, we can't talk about the mod without discussing the heaps of new plant life you'll be able to create or find naturally in their habitats all over your universe. In all, there are over 100 new plants added! Each one has it's own niche and ability, giving you limitless options for customizing your playstyle!
    Thanks to Multispecies Space, ProfessionBound, MoreVeges, Avikan, Avali, ISE3, RiseofHylotl and other mods for giving permission to include their plants as well!

    The Weapons, Tools and Gear

    There are tons of special tools, weapons (over 300!), armor and special equipment at your disposal as well, suited to all tastes and preferences of play. From weak to insanely powerful, you'll find whatever you need to suit specific situations...provided you've unlocked the relevant blueprints.

    There are simply too many to bother listing them all. Instead, I'll leave the surprises and let you discover them on your own!

    The Biomes

    There are many new biomes and sub-biomes (quite a few!) in Frackin Universe as well. Your universe will be full of new planet types, each with their own unique weather, liquids , plants or other such goodies. (Click the spoiler for an expansive list)

    Desert Waste
    Danger: High

    Like their less dangerous desert cousins, oil is abundant here. However, these desert worlds are muh hotter than their lesser counterparts. Take caution, and carry heat protection. Or die.
    Notable Ores and Tiles: Common Ores, Oil, Silicon (from Sand)
    Monsters: Swarpion


    Tar Ball
    Danger: Average

    You'll find plenty of tar and oil here, but don't be surprised if it's like walking through glue. These are sticky, encumbering worlds when it comes to casual exploration. Also beware, for some of the native fauna are rather unpleasant.

    Monsters: Tar Golem

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Oil, Tar


    Danger: Average

    Mountainous worlds are rocky, and their varied peaks make travel a challenge. They are well known for the variety of ores they provide, and often closer to the surface than other biomes. Zerchesium ore is especially common on these worlds, which is essential in creating advanced materials. They are also home to several interesting sub-biomes such as mountain healing springs. Beware the trolls, however. They hit hard, and don't like strangers.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Common Ores, Zerchesium Ore

    Monsters: Trolls


    Danger: Average

    These oceanic worlds are rockier than their tropical counterparts, and have unique island formations. Some possess deep underwater canyons, volcanic expanses or corrupted isles covered in strange toxic water. You'll find coral of various sorts here, all of which are handy when extracting for resources. Also, when deep under their surfaces, keep an eye out for dangerous creatures.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Coral fragments, Coral, Plageis Nodules


    Danger: Low

    Fungal worlds are similar to Bog worlds in most respects apart from their native flora. Here, fungus reigns supreme. Otherwise, you'll find essentially the same ores and resources. Fungal worlds appear in most star system types, but tend towards warmer temperatures.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Algae, Fossils, Glowing Shrooms, Bio-Spores


    Frozen Volcanic
    Danger: High

    These babies are situated in the cold zone of many stars, and are a strange and impossible mix of heat and cold. Be careful of the weather, or you will most certainly die.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Cinnabar, Prisilite, Trianglium, Crystal, Diamond


    Lightless Sphere
    Danger: Average

    While not inherently deadly, Lightless Sphere biomes are loaded with mystery. They are one of the few places you will find trianglite ore, and they house secrets thought lost to the cosmos. Not much grows here, and you won't get much air. It should also go without saying that you're going to need a light source or be devoured by the dark (or the things that dwell within it)

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Trianglium, Densinium, Sulphur


    Frozen Moon
    Danger: Moderate

    Extremely cold, but without all the nasty evil weather present in Ice Wastes, Frozen Moons are also the source of a few otherwise rare minerals. You'll want to visit at least one of these bad-boys at some point. Note, however, that their terrain is hazardous. You'll find liquid nitrogen pools, as well as abundant and strange ice formations. Slip the wrong way, and you may find yourself in a nasty tumble. You're going to want a grappling hook, or a Lasher Hook or you'll probably have a really painful time.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Prisilite, Sulphur, Crystal, Diamond, Shadow Gas


    Ice Waste
    Danger: Extreme

    You don't want to be caught on an Ice Waste without ample cold protection. You'll freeze to death in seconds without it. Beware the harsh winds and flying ice blocks, too. They'll rip you apart. Oh also, no air will be found there so you will most certainly need an oxygen supply.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Cinnabar, Prisilite, Trianglium, Crystal, Diamond


    Sulphuric (and Sulphuric Ocean)
    Danger: Extreme

    There is no harsher place than a Sulphur world. The high winds blow rocks around that can do some serious hurt to you and severely reduce visibility. The pools of boiling hot sulphuric acid aren't incredibly healthy, either. On top of that, the atmosphere itself is essentially one giant cloud of sulphuric acid mist. A complete lack of air just makes it worse. You'll find some creatures on them, though how they survive in the first place is a mystery to science.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Cinnabar, Densinium, Sulphur, Lead, Iron , Coal


    Metallic Moon
    Danger: High

    These moons are rich in metal ores, and make clompy sounds when you walk around. They only appear as moons. Densinium is most common here of all the biomes. That isn't saying much, since it's exceptionally rare even then. Be wary of the pools of molten metal, as well as the rather unpleasant molten metal rains and death-dealing robotic servitors.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Moonstone, Densinium, Helium 3, Shadow Gas
    Monsters: Glitch Spider, Mecha Spider, Zombot, Deathbot, War Bot


    Proto World
    Danger: Varied

    These strange worlds are the product of some sort of alien engineering by unknown progenitors. Large and ugly purple trees dot the landscape, taller and thicker than the usual tree types. The valuable energy-storing ore known as Proticite can also be found on these biomes. You'll definitely need some at some point! Do watch out for the ooze storms and the bio-ooze puddles, though. They'll slow you down and do some nasty damage. Also, you should probably avoid randomly eating the vibrant cornucopia of bizarre alien plants.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Protocite, Trianglium
    Monsters: Mutated Precursor


    Danger: Varied

    Rainforests are handy places to gather plant fibre and bamboo, as well as Jungle Dirt and Jungle Soil tiles which extract into useful goods. They tend to have heavy rainfall (surprised?!), and hurricane season can be nasty. Algae and fossils abound.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Algae, Fossils, Petals

    Monsters: Swarpion, Pop Top, Caterpillar


    Danger: Average

    Bogs are somewhat common, appearing in most systems. They are extremely rich in algae (which is fantastic for bio-fuel) and several types of plants found nowhere else. Their soil is moist and easy to mine, making for a rich location for an explorer to gather resources.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Algae, Fossils, Swamp Water

    Monsters: Rat Thing, Pop Top, Caterpillar, Swarpion


    Danger: Extreme

    Redder, magma-y-er , and burnier than most planets. The atmosphere itself tries to kill you, it rains lava and fire AND there are strange creatures wandering around just waiting to murder you that are totally immune to heat. Without good protection , and some sort of hazard suit or immunizing plant you won't last long. They are an excellent source of many minerals.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Cinnabar, Densinium, Black Ash, Magma Rock, Burning Magma Rock, Scorching Magma Rock

    Monsters: Ash Golem, Magma Golem


    Crystal Moon
    Danger : Average

    Crystal Moons are interesting. Freezing cold, but abundant in crystals, they are a guaranteed source of useful materials to anyone looking to create gear. They also typically have pools of organic soup that can provide energy boosts to the intrepid adventurer in danger. They are the only place in the universe where Lunari crystal can be found.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Lunari Crystal, Crystal, Diamond, Purple Crystal (extracts to Silicon)


    Danger: Varied

    Sunlight rarely touches the surface of these worlds. Note that this does not mean they get no sun, rather that something in their atmosphere reflects the light but still allows UV through. Thus, you get a comfortable temperature, though a tad humid. Interestingly, plants still grow here. Penumbra worlds are also one of the only places in the universe to find Penumbrite. This resource is essential to creating super-hard alloys required for many of the FrackinUniverse weapons and armor.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Prisilite, Moonstone, Penumbrite
    Monsters: Corruption Flies, Shadow Hound


    Danger: Average

    Well, that's depressing. Once, people lived on these worlds. Now, little but mutants and lucky surviving fauna wander the surface. Ash storms are common, and you'll also find many ruins. While not necessarily resource-rich they are home to raiders that are rumored to sometimes carry valuable gear from the ruins.


    Danger: Hazardous

    Icky and sticky, slime worlds offer up easily broken and extracted slime. Their ground is typically rather elastic in nature. Mild weather, humid temperatures. Slime is slippery, bouncy and reduces your friction with the ground. It's fun! Be careful at night, however. Some of the slimes that prowl the night are particularly dangerous and aggressive.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Algae, Fossils, Slime

    Monsters: Jelly Gazer, Jelly Gazer Elite, Mega Jelly, Slime, Poop Golem, Mini Poop


    Bloodstone (and Blood Ocean)
    Danger: Varies

    Ugly trees, questionable puddles of blood/water (who knows!?!?!?) and occasionally deadly weather all combine to make this a weird place to visit. Some were once home to life forms much like us...until their experiments wiped them out, leaving behind only gory grossness. Which explains the trees that #@$#@ing stare at you. Good times.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Quietus Ore, Blood Crystal, Blood, Genetic Material

    Monsters: Blood Golem


    Danger: Hazardous
    Well, it should be obvious that these are radioactive. You don't want to be here without the relevant protective filters on your suit. Ordinary radiation protection will not do. You'll need superior protection than that. Plants manage to grow here, and life manages to flourish. So it can't be ALL bad , right? These planets tend to be quite rich in Uranium and are the only place you can find Irradium ore, a useful resource for weapons and armor.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Irradium, Uranium, Plutonium, Trianglium

    Monsters: Toxic Fly, Toxic Golem


    Primeval Forest (and Volcanic Primeval Forest)
    Danger: Varies
    Huge trees, rich soil and somewhat rainy, Primeval Forest worlds are a great source of wood, and are typically safe places to wander thanks to very few dangerous weather types. They are rich in algae and fossilized bone for your crafting pleasure. Thick, black tar is also common. Large reptilian carnivores can sometimes be seen lumbering their way through these prehistoric woods. Your flavor is their favorite, so be wary.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Algae, Fossils

    Monsters: Raptor, Spitting Raptor


    Danger : High
    Atropus worlds are living and dead, all at the same time. Experts disagree on their nature, some saying they are experiments while others insist that they are literal breathing planets. Flesh and Rotting Flesh are the number one export of these worlds, followed by lovely and decorative bone, brains and hellstone. While they do have rough weather from time to time your biggest worry here is usually being really @#$#@ing grossed out. You'll also often find repulsive pools of pus and blood here.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Flesh, Rotting Flesh, Hellstone, Brains, Bone, Pus and Blood. All the things a growing boy needs!

    Monsters: Flesh Blob, Headcrab


    Nitrogen Sea
    Danger: High

    Nitrogen Seas are essentially what they sound like. Cold, icy worlds with a massive ocean buried beneath a solid layer of ice. An ocean made of liquid nitrogen. They have no air, so you'll want oxygen on your person as well as some sort of way to protect against the frigid air.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Plaegis Nodule, Coral, Coral Fragment, Liquid Nitrogen


    Shadow Moon
    Danger: Random

    Zero light, dangerous creatures and sharp rocks combine to make this a super-fun way to explore and die in torturous agony! Thankfully, it's worth the trip for the ore concentration.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Resource Rich


    Danger: Random

    Unknown worlds cannot be scanned directly. You'll need to visit them to know what they are composed of and what lurks on their surfaces. They are absolutely random, and virtually any combination of biome modifiers can happen here. Be prepared for anything.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Any


    Danger: Extreme

    Like Unknown worlds, Super-Dense worlds have a wide variety of possible terrain. The main difference here is that Super-Dense worlds have extremely high gravity. Jumping is generally useless, and techs and grappling hooks/lasher hooks are your only real way to circumvent the insane gravity. Helium-3 could help, if you had some handy.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Any

    Danger: Random

    These biomes are a random roll of primarily dark biomes. You'll therefore have very little light and a random danger level.

    Notable Ores and Tiles: Resource Rich

    Danger: None

    These biomes are a low-threat, high light, long day and fairly harmless place. All this combined means you will have a very pleasant colony if you opt to build on an Eden world.

    Most of the biomes contain new sorts of tiles, plant life, creatures and gear. Exploration is the only way to unlock everything! Note that the biomes in FU that cause status effects will NOT be blocked by the vanilla game nanosuits. You need specific gear/plants from FU to protect against them.

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

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