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FrackinRaces 5.2.51

Enables racial abilities for all Vanilla races, and many modded ones too!

  1. hunger fix

    this should fix the reversed hunger values causing rapid starvation.
  2. new races, and lots of little tweaks

    You'll find several new races added to the list of empowered species, as well as many tweaks to existing races.

    the following have been added (for stats, check the description page):


    several existing races have had their bonuses adjusted (again, check description page)

    this is a preliminary phase of an upcoming total overhaul. As always, report issues to me asap.
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  3. hyoltl breath fix

    accidentally removed the hylotls breath protection. fixed.
  4. now in pak!

    no change. just a pak version instead
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  5. tweaaaaks

    prepping for it to be non-reliant on FU
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  6. minor tweaks

    some little adjustments here and there to balance things out. nothing major. More to come soonish.
  7. various little tweaks

    nothing major, just adjustments to balance out some races a bit more.

    I'm going to look at scripting up some more interesting effects like critical hit chance and dodge and see how that goes pretty soon.
  8. changes

    alters the hylotl
  9. minor tweak

    Rebalanced the Avian ability (their jump was straight-up absurd) and added the missing asset for it.

    post-Starbound release, I'll add more races from the general pool (since they need to update first) of user-created races.
  10. 1.0

    So, just for those who don't bother to read: Have fun using this without the current Unstable Github build of Frackin Universe!

    Those of you that DO read, this requires the current build on Github for FrackinUniverse. Consult that mods page for more info.

    No real updates beyond getting everything working (hopefully)