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Frackin' Universe Factory Delagger (Also adds new objects) 0.6.1

Makes mass production less laggy!

  1. drachasor
    So I've made my first mod! Details copied over from Steam:

    Reduces LAG of FU machines and bees.

    Requires HLIB and Digital Storage by Hiran

    How it Works: Add/Removing items from inventories is process intensive. This modifies machines so that they do a larger chunk of work at once. Non-Apiaries will do 60 times normal work at once, though it takes 60 times as long. Apiaries will output every 10 seconds.

    Additionally, you can connect any affected machine directly to the Digital Storage Network (either wire connector works) and instead of outputting to its inventory, it will output directly into the the Digital Storage Network.

    Progress is saved and resume when you leave/enter a planet.

    Affected Machines: Centrifuges, Apiaries, Blast Furnaces, Extractors, Sifters, and Water Generator -- Atmosphere Condensor is now supported!

    New Apiaries Added! They can hold 2, 4, and 8 hives. You can put in a bug turret and it won't spawn bees, but catch them instead. Also, Apiary production no longer increases at half the square root of the number of each flower in the area. Now it is linear, but caps at 10. So 10 of each flower within 80 blocks is enough to max the flower-aspect. This is because before you'd need 400 for the same effect (and could even go higher), but this increased lag.

    Further tweaks will be made to improve this. The most obvious improvement will be a reduction in lag spikes.

    Future Plans: Add growing trays and hydroponic trays. Add other Machines that do the work of many at once. Add improvements (more upgrade slots beyond the bug turret) to new Robotic Apiaries.

    Also plan on adding a way to turn bulk production off.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. fudl_preview.png
    2. robotic_apiaries_info.png
    3. robotic_apiary_menu_menu.png

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Recent Reviews

  1. ashenswift
    Version: 0.6.1
    Great when it was working, helped keep the CPU cycle on our farm planet from becoming unreal, but requiring Digital Storage, a fairly unusable mod as a dependency, rather than having it be an optional patch kills this mod for me. I pulled DS from my server because it never worked right, which means now I have to pull this mod. Perhaps set DS to be optional, and maybe even make a patch file for StarTech or some other storage mods, would easily be a five star from me. Thanks for your hard work mate.