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Frackin' Music 3.45

Add-On for FrackinUniverse & Vanilla. Adds 200+ new songs to biome playlists.

  1. 3.45

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  2. 3.4

  3. 3.3

  4. 3.2

    songs. moooar of dems.
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  5. 3.0

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  6. 2.2

    just updated the CF version to be inline with git. This means all biomes should be properly supported now. Plus like, 30 new songs.
  7. minor meta change

    the meta file has been updated to ad an "includes" to it, which should fix things not loading with FU biomes for whatever reason.

    you'll also need the latest FU update for the full fix to be in effect. I'll have that uploaded today at some point. Or you could use the github version that is currently live.
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  8. new tunes, and some adjustments

    added in the new biomes, and renamed any that were misnamed.

    fixed calls for everything_we_stand being incorrect

    added a ton of new tunes
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  9. track balancing

    Not much to say about this update other than the following:

    Went through each and every track, one at a time. Any that needed levels adjustments or normalizing have been adjusted.

    What does this mean for those of you not EQ savvy? None of the tracks should blast your eardrums so hard that your brain melts anymore. The ones that are meant to be loud will still be so...just not anywhere near the level they were at before....
  10. download link fix

    mega changed how this crap is done, and I didn't realize.

    link fixed.