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FPV Racing Drone 0.94.2

Who doesn't like flying drones? Not me.

  1. UrWrstN8Mare
    Version: 0.94.2
    Good, but how do you customize your drone?? I because when i use the drone sumonner it only spawns the drone in random colors..
  2. Freaider
    Version: 0.94
    I`ll agree with JohnStar145.
    Just imagine controlling a little car from a far!
    That would be so cool!
    AMAZING mod btw! Also at the moment, the drone is indestructable.. will you be adding drone`s health? Because Rob Repairo could heal the drone if you would add the health system. Because i defeated Dreadwing by using this drone armed with a rocket launcher (it took some time tho)
  3. Shock Sphere
    Shock Sphere
    Version: 0.93
    What a great mod to explore any area from a safe place.
    Version: 0.91
    Its good to see drones! the only other place I've seen them is in the Elithian Alliance mod.
  5. Sock_Bunny
    Version: 0.9
    This is in v0.9?! This is what I'd expect from v3.2 or something! :D Amazing mod, amazing scouting drone!
    1. LoPhatKao
      Author's Response
      Needs more testing and tweaking before I'd consider it 'complete'.
      For example: I've never tested in MP, so lag might be a thing I'd need to look at :shrug:
  6. JohnStar145
    Version: 0.9
    Cool mod and the drone is neat looking.

    will you be adding more futuristic style of drones rather than modern style?

    and will there be land based drones as well as sea based drones?