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Foodie's Furniture 1.4.2

Placeable foods and food themed furniture!

  1. I Scream, You Scream...

    Major Changes:
    • Ice Cream Parlor Set + Tenant! Pick 'em up from from Frögg Furnishing today!
    • New Foodstuffs!
    • Additional Furniture! Find this Coffee Advertisement with the rest of the #cafe tenant tag objects at Frögg Furnishing!
    Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
    • Added support for @GonDragon's Many Frogs mod! Be sure to give them a visit!
    • Added an "other" tab to the plating table. Come here to find objects from the mod I haven't quite found a place for yet!
    • Tweaked the plating table's interface a bit
    • Added recipe for the plating table to the Inventor's table. As such I've removed the plating table from the Barista tenant's stock.
    • Various text edits
    • Added #parlor tenant tag to a few currently existing items
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