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Foodie's Furniture - More Farming Addon 1.1

An expanded cookbook!

  1. An Actual Update?!

    Major Changes:
    • Yes! New food objects from More Farming have been added to the plating table!
    Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
    • minor updates to text and racial descriptions
    • fixed the names of several objects and their recipes to match those changed by @ColonolNutty in MFM
    • All Foodie's Furniture - More Farming Addon mod objects have been...
  2. Stupid Mistake Fix #4 - Wow

    Okay, OKAY - I think this should fix all the crashes AND properly move the recipes into their correct respective tags.
  3. Stupid Mistake Fix #3 - I'maCompetentModAuthorISwear

    matched MFM's IDs of the snowcones with the ones in the recipe files. hopefully this will be the last of the patch's issues...
  4. Stupid Mistake Fix #2 - Electric Boogaloo

    I fudged up the name of the banana milkshake item... Smooth. Let's see if this finally fixes things...
  5. Stupid Mistake Fix #1

    I forgot to change the mod's name in the metadata... Sorry everyone! This patch should let the mod run properly now.